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02-08-2012, 06:43 PM
I have always wondered how high level plays separates itself from "normal" plays thus pub games, before we go any further I am in no means good, that being said, criticism and flame are welcomed.

When I watch Honcast or any high leveled stream, I tend to notice the player's decisions, whether it is high level or just a typical pub game it always come down to the decisions. Thus in pubs play when someone makes a decision,
(I actually see the decision) it doesn't lead up to anything but the decision itself. In high leveled play however.. experienced players makes decision I never seem to understand, it was decisions that lead up to another and another. It sort of feels like chess almost.. you make a move and foresee another 2 turns regardless of the opponents you are up against. Because of this action, I tried it for myself, making these weird decisions thinking it would somehow help me, but in the end I fail. Regardless of my experience and my horrible mmr, does these decisions impact the game at all? what is the thought process of a 1800 player to a 1600 player?

02-08-2012, 06:50 PM
Higher leveled players are more consistent at reading enemies and predicting their actions. Take Moon for example - He and his viewers call it "doing the maff", wich explained is calculating the actions of opponents and using the knowledge of what your hero, your items, their items, and positioning to get out a big play.

The best way to get to that level of consistency is to keep playing. Like you may notice that a lot of higher-skilled players still call items by their DotA names because they've played DotA for so long before coming to HoN, that seems to be a big contributor to how much exp they have.

02-08-2012, 08:15 PM
Theres a very important thing you forgot. They are playing with teamates they know most of the time, they are making a lot of those decisions based on their partners. If they don't trust the ppl they play with, they'll end up doing a totally different move than if they played with their usual friends. (They know they can play a little bit more aggresive because if somethings wrong happen, one of his friend is gonna tp and help him, ect ect..) That might the reason why you failed at the end, relying too much on teamates, or not enough...