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01-30-2012, 01:43 PM
I want to talk about my experience about playing hon and the effect it has or can have on my health. I am a dedicated gamer since ever and i am now 24, my body is entering its phase where i will slowly deteriorate until death. More then before, i must care about my health. With the following arguments, i want to suggest to implement more health caring messages into the game.

It would take less time to count the hours that i dont play games then the hours I play, might be exagerating abit, but, I am an all around serious gamer and HoN is the main source of pain in my hands. I can no longer chain up 2 games in a row because i need to rest my hands. But any other game, i can mindlessly play it without looking at the time, exept for shooters which solicit the mouse alot and makes the arm very stiff for good reaction time.

My right hand is in pain, and i am 100% sure that i am not the only hon or dota like games player to say that. Have you tried to make an average of your APM ( aciton per minute ) and game lenght? Multiply your APM with the length average and you get SCARY numbers. With the movement of the character made by the mouse and aiming, the mouse is the main operator, even though it usually has a poor desing. I say that because i found a mouse with a quite odd shape, but i have at least 50% less pain and can play longer sessions then before( DXT ergonomic precision mouse ).

I realised that the usual mouse shape is poor and reveals long term effect quite faster then we think, even faster with 120 APM for 60 min...

Well... conclusion, HoN is, to me, unhealthy, but there is no visible health care in the game.

01-31-2012, 06:13 AM
First of all nice suggestion. My favorite part is where you suggested things.

Well... conclusion, HoN is, to me, unhealthy, but there is no visible health care in the game.

WHAT? you want a health care in HoN? Like a dentist or something?

For you fornaxxx I suggest use more health potions and play nymph more. This will solve ALL your HoN health care problems.