View Full Version : Smarter Courier Item Management

10-27-2009, 10:57 AM
I tried searching the suggestion forums but I didnt really see anything pertaining to this, excuse me if its a dupe.

Scenario: My hero's inventory is full with Crushing Claws in one of the slots. My Courier is carrying a Pretender's Crown and the Fortified Bracelet recipe. When I use the Go to Hero/Transfer command on the Courier nothing happens when the Courier reaches my hero.

The only way I know around this problem is to free a slot prior to the Courier reaching my hero. While the Courier is a lot better now than say 2 months ago, the game should be smart enough to combine items without having to free up slots before hand.

10-27-2009, 01:44 PM
They've already allowed you to combine items on the monkey, finnish combining on your hero (full slots, one item from courier or shop). You're talking about having more than 1 item drop onto your hero (6 items already) to combine items I assume.

I normally have my hero drop the single item on the monkey (that has 2/3 of the items) to finnish, and then transfer back. I don't see this as being high priority, but they could look into allowing what you're asking for.

They should allow for more than one item to combine with 1 or more in a heroe's (full) inventory. There are a few item heavy recipes for which this would be nice.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of players don't regularly use couriers (they usually demand use of mine, the cheap bastards).