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10-25-2009, 09:40 PM
Gold Ducks


Very slightly modified range from 125 to 225

Updated Recipe / Ability slightly

Alternative names:
Swan Legs
Swan's Grace

Recipe Version #1:
http://game.online-station.net/files/hon/item/p004.jpg +http://game.online-station.net/files/hon/item/p004.jpg+ 470 recipe

Total: 770

Stats: +7 Agi

Recipe Version #2

http://heroes-newerth.com/wp-content/myimages/Mana-Battery.png+ http://game.online-station.net/files/hon/item/p004.jpg +http://game.online-station.net/files/hon/item/p004.jpg+ 260 recipe

Total: 770

Stats: +7 Agi

Active Version #1: Backdash

Gold Ducks can be powered externally pushing the wearing backwards.

Gold ducks gains 1 charge for every enemy spell cast in X distance (same as mana battery). Maximum 10 charges.
On activation: 3 charges are consumed.
Equipping hero dashes backwards approx 225 distance. (Should be approximately 3/4 of pyros stuns diameter)

Cooldown: 17 seconds

Active Version #2:

Same as #1, no charges only mana cost
Mana cost: 45

Cooldown: 21 seconds

The animation should be very fast (<0.3 seconds) but grant the hero no immunities. Item can not be used when hero is disabled.
Not targeted - Don't want people complaining about more "blink" skills. Even though it's so small.
Moves directly backwards.

The main purpose of this item is to increase the early game survivability of agility heroes. This is to increase the lane presence of weaker agility lanes.
I wanted to create an item that (somewhat) countered very strong early game lanes.
Such as: Pestilence & Demented Shaman, Anyone + Swiftblade.

- Allows heroes to dodge skills such as Pyros stuns, torturers stun, pest stun, swiftblade - if used properly
- Get out of tower range quickly
- Retreat back into tower range quickly
- Quick movement if movement is impaired (slowed)
- More juking abilities

Cheap Cost allows possibility as a first item, allows for greater last hits. Because the dash is not very large and only backwards it is limited as a escaping/chasing tool. It really is for dodging stuff.

Somewhat high cooldown/ and moderate charge consumption causes backdash to only be used when required, and not spammable.

Increased cooldown as it does not require charges.

10-25-2009, 10:35 PM
My knee-jerk reaction is that you should build it to include either mana batt or power supply. I would also reccomend that you make it a targeted charge effect instead of a facing-based blink. The ideal price for this kind of item would be between 700 and 1400g. Good luck, I'll check in and vote for this if you end up tweaking it.

Please give feedback on my suggestions in return! Start with Renegade, if you don't mind. Thanks.

10-25-2009, 11:04 PM
Active two. I say keep the non-targeted effect- it's much easier to dodge by just clicking on the item, than by click item-click hero.

10-26-2009, 09:12 PM
I this item maybe inspired by the Backdash spell in Ragnarok?

I like the item in general, but 125 distance is really low, what you think of is propably around 300, thats as much as most of the heroes can walk in 1 second without boots.

Also I don't think this should cost 2 Duck Boots, seems to similar to Iron Shield, I would prefer only Fleetfeet or Fleetfeet + Duck Boots