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11-22-2011, 08:51 PM
So relatively recently, I've been learning SS. He's probably my favorite hero in the game :D, I was wondering if anyone 1750+ had any advice on how to play him. I know the standards of mid (high ground, rune control, pushing wave to get runes, couriering, last hits, landing hands). I've often had problems where my team will be pretty awful and even when doing well, I quickly just get focused down and won't be able to fully carry. Should I skip the PK if I don't feel confident enough in a position to follow up initiate?

What is popular opinion on item build up after the standard bottle, steams, pk, shrunken? I generally do shieldbreaker into rifts for luls but have gone geometers in more serious games although I don't really see the benefit of geos on SS unless I'm pushing more often than team fighting. Half the time, I'll end up PK shrunkening in anyways and unless I have good support, it's too hard to sustain autoattack range enough to make it worth it.

How decent is Sol's Bulwark on him? Are there ever situations to get shroud? How do you keep up 200 creep kills in 15 min while still being active in fights? When is it best to get which attack modifier?1

Any other discussion on Soulstealer is openly invited and encouraged. I just want to amass a lot of knowledge on the hero although I should be aware of most things that are common.

11-22-2011, 10:30 PM
watch replays of some good soulstealers
i learned a bit back in the day from watching scandal, era, rycho (aka vampiregoku, sniperdad420), h4nn1, and sneyking

era & scandal go the classic pk shrunken geos most of the time
rycho prefers to go for a super farm build most of the time (mana ring, alchemist bones, post haste to start - staying above 600 gpm nearly all of the time)
h4nn1 likes getting nullstone
don't remember what sneyking got but if you can still find his replays he was the best early game soulstealer ive seen (hand positioning & early ganking)