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11-18-2011, 01:19 PM
Hey folks,

just a couple of days before the UNGL Nations Cup kicks off fragster.de had the opportunity to talk to the leader of TmRy and a part of the national team of Brazil Pride` about the cup itself, the expectations and the other HoN-Nations!

Here a little extract out of this interview

Which team looks the strongest to you?

Pride`: Definitely Sweden. They have a five man lineup which if they get along well, is going to be really hard to beat. Era and Mynuts have been playing together for a while now, while Loda and Akke played together on DotA, this means that with enough practice this team should lack no chemistry, therefore I got to call them the favorite team to win this cup.

The brasil-team is full of TmRy-Players or former TmRy-Players, does it make you especially proud as the leader of TmRy?

Pride`: It definitely does, but mainly because I will be representing my country along with my friends, which means a lot to us. We will not be only playing with teammates but also with those who we like the most, not to mention it's always good to be playing with the very best players from your country for your team aswell.

How would you describe the experience of this tournament? Not playing for your sponsor but playing for your nation?

Pride`: It actually feels more motivating to me now, because to start off, you are representing your country, which is already a motivation boost. Secondly, we haven't had a sponsor for a while, so this time there is kind of more pressure on us, because we are doing it not only for us, but for someone (in this case, our country). Lastly, this might be the chance we get to stop this brazillian trash talk that we hear a lot on HoN.

Head over to http://www.fragster.de/de/esport/heroes-of-newerth/artikel/11/11/hon-interview-pride-e.html for the full interview and leave a comment and feedback on fragster.de OR here in the forum!

Really appreciate it guys and fragster.de will be back with more interviews probably after DreamHack!