View Full Version : [Mode] AFK during picking phase

10-31-2011, 07:23 AM
I would love to see implemented an option that requires you to do anything during picking phase or you get a leave, if you are connected and just afk.

Could be stuff like picking a hero, right clicking a hero, typing in chat, anything... just to make sure ppl dont sign and then just go afk and your team setup gets screwed and you practically waste 15 mins just to concede. if some1 wants to random, there is still the random button.

10-31-2011, 09:38 AM
They should simply be more strict. S2Games are the developer of the game and their word is final. They need guiding lines for a playerbase like the current, because games are often destroyed on picking screen.

All Pick should be All Pick. No random available. Everyone must pick a hero. If the timer expires and people have not yet chosen a hero, a punishment should be given to their MMR gain/loss. Take the half amount of what they would Win/Lose and remove this as a punishment for not picking. The same goes for Banning Pick, Banning Draft, Single Draft.

There is a game mode, entirely focused on random picking. Let the ones who wish to random a hero, play that game mode. There is no reason to add this specific mode to every game mode as a final resort to the AFK/Lazy pickers. If you "honestly" wish to random in the mentioned game modes, close your eyes and choose a random hero.

It still baffles me why random is available after the removal of random gold in All Pick. I see no logic to this.

Just out of the blue: If someone wishes a random hero, they must do this within 30 seconds of the Picking Screen, which then gives them a random hero at 30 seconds left which is not visible to the enemy.