View Full Version : This is a seriously big problem!!!!

10-23-2009, 08:42 AM
im no leaver!! REALY NOT ....but there are some times when ppl..(hosts) makes a game with 2 computers just to get psr and or stats!!! and u cant leave cuz then he will just take the other comp and make u move into battle and die wich ****s up your stats BIGTIME! so i REALY whant a button to leave where u can do something that terminates your heroe Instantly so they cant feed on u and **** up your stats ........im no leaver so it is not a "whine" thread it is something that is a big time ******* problem...plz do something about it cuz it is insane.....(sorry for my spelling) / Smok3ish

10-23-2009, 01:21 PM
1. Spellchecker
2. Read rules
3. It is a whine thread or you tried hard to make it sound like one

Solution to your situation:
1. Concede
2. Leave and get a leave mark

1. This is beta and all stats will be erased anyway, might as well have fun - leave if its obvious they are cheating
2. If they are cheating with a 2nd computer then you cant concede so just leave the game because a single leave mark means virtually nothing and even less in a beta game.

You have not actually presented a solution so you are in the wrong place.