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10-23-2009, 01:44 AM
Honestly I'm sure there are several threads reguarding sandwraith.. maybe im just missing them. Anyway, For some reason he is by far my favorite hero. I've seen the post on the sandwraith builds but there was so much conflicting advice I got lost. Maybe im just a complete noob, or maybe they all work. Maybe they are situational. I have no idea, so specifics will go a long way with helping me figure out what im missing.

1. What items; and i mean all items, do you get with sandwraith. Boots, power supply, everything.

2. Leveling tactic. I seem to start falling behind with sw. Maybe its the way i play in general. Sw seems really really squishy starting out, and has loooow dps.

Any help would be appreciated...

10-23-2009, 07:09 AM
Starting build for me is usually something like:

Healing Pot
Runes of Blight
3x Minor Totem

Just because he needs the HP regen (until more can come from a courier) and the stat-boost is ideal.

From there I'd go for a Logger's Hatchet from Outpost and then a Mana Battery once I have room, either by using up the regen or selling a Totem. You can turn Battery into Power Supply when you want. From that point it depends entirely on your farm. If you are farming poorly (i.e. no more than two creep kills per minute with maybe one hero kill), then it's best to put your money into two or three Soulscreams (you can substitute one Soulscream for Iron Shield if you need) and Steamboots to last you until the mid game. If you are getting a good farm (three or more creep kills per minute) then you can either start saving for your bigger items, or you can still pick up one Soulscream and either get a Helm of the Black Legion to help you stay alive (one of the few heroes I'd recommend getting this item on) or if you have no trouble surviving you can start saving for the bigger items. Your goal is to stay in lane and continue farming until you can make a real presence in team-fights.

The first big item you should get on a good farm is Mock of Brilliance, no question. It wll help you farm and also deal tremendous damage in team-fights. Should you have trouble farming this, then Nullfire is the best choice. From this point you can go for almost any good carry-item such as Geometer's and Wingbow.

Be sure to always help the team when you can, but remember that you need to keep farming to really tip the scales in the late game.

You should always max his nuke first. Next comes a point of contention. Personally I will go for the dispersion second simply because of how squishy he is in the early game. Isolation is very useful indeed, but due to how much SW can get focussed I'd much prefer getting the extra damage reduction, even if it is rather minor, than getting the bonus damage. Others would disagree, but this is my personal preference.

Evidently level your Ulti whenever you can.

10-23-2009, 07:53 AM