View Full Version : [STR Melee] Radiance [R4R]

09-14-2011, 05:15 PM

Basically, this hero is going to be a jungler, possible semi-carry, and ganker (semi-carrying primarily through his ability to farm).

So far, I only have 2 skills for him, and both are passives (skill 2 and 3). His first skill is going to be either a stun or slow, most likely a skill-shot, and definitely something with some kind of burst, possibly mixed damage (both physical and magical). It might also have some type of movement compoent (throw his spear somewhere to deal damage to anyone in its path, then transport yourself to the spear). Not really sure how to make this ability "elegant" enough for my taste though. I don't really want to use a blink, but so far the hero really seems to need some kind of gap closer.

The ultimate is probably going to be similar to Zephyrs - a giant ball of sun that deals AoE dps, but I feel like it needs something else to be distinct enough.

Anyhow, the two skills so far:

Spear of the Sun:
Grants the hero bonus health regeneration (1.75/2.5/3.25/4% of his current health regenerated per second) and allows him to ignore enemy armor/magic armor (like spellshards, but for physical damage too, also, it's stronger than spellshards, but it still can't reduce armor below 0).

(The regen on this skill is there to allow him to jungle with relative ease, so he can always be ready to come out of the jungle and gank someone. The other effect is there to improve his burst, and I just think it's a nice ability, especially the physical part, and it isn't in the game yet).

Shield of the Sun:
Causes enemies close to the hero to miss on their attacks (25/34/42/50% chance, 325 AoE) and retaliates enemy attacks by dealing damage in an AoE around the hero (15/20/25/30 magic damage, could/should be mixed damage though).

(This skill gives the hero the ability to jungle from lvl1, by reducing the incoming damage to the hero, and giving him the damage he needs to kill jungle camps well enough. Originally, the "retaliation" damage also blocked incoming damage, but I felt that that was too strong in combination with the miss and the healthregen on his 2nd skill.)