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10-12-2009, 10:57 AM
Concept for the thinking mans hero. I love clive barkers work and any other fans will know of Agonistes, although ive portrayed him in a more PG sense here. Feed back would be much appreciated guys and gals!

Intelligence Based Hero

Concept: The concept for Agonistes is a hero that can turn his opponents against themselves. With a slow base speed but most of his abilities requiring him to be in melee range. He requires thinking and is a strong ganker and 1v1er but against groups he has very few uses.Plus im a huge Clive Barker fan and Agonistes is my favorite character in the Tortured Souls collection.:)

Background: A being of nightmare and myth, Agonisites was thought to be nothing more than a tale before the war. Legends tell of an artist gone mad, selling his soul to the Hellbourne, for never ending life so that he could carry on his art. His art, sculpting. His clay, flesh. With the coming of the war the soldiers of Legion have found that he is no mere legend and that have more to fear than just death, for the Hellbourne have called upon this “Artist” to continue his ghastly work on the battlefield.

Visual: Looking mostly human, has many blades grafted directly onto his arms. His face is scarred and torn. Draped in a blood soaked coat and carrying all manner of small blades and hooks.

NOW FOR ZE STATS!(They can change if needed)
Speed- 280
Strength- 20 (+1.0 every level)
Agility- 18 (+1.2 every level)
Intelligence- 23 (+2.0 every level)
Range- Melee


Fresh Canvas
Agonistes focuses his attention on a target removing any other thought from his mind, so he concentrates on nothing but his work. Nothing can stop his masterpiece but his own death.

10 Sec Cooldown
80 Mana
500 Range
Selected Target

Reduces all damage Agonistes takes and increases his speed provided he continues to attack the same target. Lasts 10 Secs
1. 10% Dmg Reduction, +30 Speed
2. 15% Dmg Reduction, +40 Speed
3. 20% Dmg Reduction, +50 Speed
4. 25% Dmg Reduction, +60 Speed
Effect will end if Agonistes hits anyone but the selected target.

Hold That Pose
Sending several hooks flying towards the target, Agonistes sets his victims nerves alight with searing pain. Movement only makes the burning worse.

Cooldown: 16 Secs At Level 1, 14 Secs at Level 2, 12 Secs at Level 3, 10 Secs at Level 4
100 Mana
Melee Range
Selected Target

Reduces the targets movement speed and deals damage every second that they move for.
1. 15% Reduced Speed, 20 Dmg every second when moving
2. 20% Reduced Speed, 40 Dmg every second when moving
3. 25% Reduced Speed, 60 Dmg Every second when moving
4. 30% Reduced Speed, 80 Dmg Every second when moving

No One Interrupts My Work!
If Agonisties is interrupted when he is working he will fly into a rage slashing at everyone in a range, friend or foe.

2 Sec Cooldown on trigger
No Mana
AoE Passive Triggered Ability

Small chance that when hit he will deal damage to everyone in a 100 yard range.
1. 10% Trigger Chance, 30 Dmg
2. 15% Trigger Chance, 60 Dmg
3. 20% Trigger Chance, 80 Dmg
4. 25% Trigger Chance, 100 Dmg
This will hit both friend or foe, creep or hero.

Perfection (Ulti)
With several slashs of his blades Agonisties carves the perfect sculpture. His work of art complete he disappears to find his next victim.

100 Sec Cooldown
150 Mana
Melee Range

Deals a massive amount of damage to the target then teleports Agonistes to random enemy within 500 Yards.
1. 400 Dmg
2. 600 Dmg
3. 800 Dmg
If there is no enemy present to tlelport to he will stay where he was.

Final Summary: Ive given him a slow base speed for a good reason, trying to make full use of his slowing capability and that you have to be mindful to keep Blank Canvas up a lot, otherwise hes gonna fall behind. I made him an Intell hero because he needs the large mana pool. He has a massive damage output at higher levels.