View Full Version : [Item Sugestion] Cape of Invisibility

07-18-2009, 03:58 AM
Alright, name sucks, i don't know if anyone posted this idea before ( think not ) and i have no idea of what items and scroll price should be used for that. Hope you guys help me with that, let's go the concept. I got inspired by the camouflage item suggestion.

When activated, item gives you some kind of invisibility, not the one like lothars, but something like Phantom Assassin from Dota, making the hero more difficult to target and maybe giving improved evasion for the duration of the effect. Effect duration should be about 15 seconds and cooldown something like 30 seconds.

Even though stuff like always see health bars pretty much cancels this effect, it helps alot when stuff gets pretty messed up ( like when all heroes clash ). Using it with a windwalk character for example, could make you get safe in the middle of the battle and then cloaking, making it really difficult for the other team to spot you. It could also serve as some kind of poor man's butterfly, since it gives evasion, but only for a short period of time.

Hope you guys comment! :D
And sorry for the english errors, not my heart language.