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For centuries, the Sacred Order has recognized the "Flame-Touched," those men and women filled with a burning, if more than slightly mad, devotion to Sol. Those Flame-Touched who serve in the Legion are more commonly called Pyromancers for their mastery over fire, and creatures strongly attuned to that element.

Starting stats

Magic armor:5.5
Attack Type:Ranged
Attack Rate:0.59
Strenght:18 ( +1,5 each level)
Agility:16 (+1,5 each level)
Intelligence:24 (+3.2 each level)


http://honwiki.net/w/images/9/94/Pyromancerskill1.gif Phoenix Wave

Pyromancer send forth a Phoenix that damages enemies in a line

Manacost 90/105/125/140. Cooldown:9sec
Targeting: Direction,Ground.Range:700
Details: Deals 100/170/230/280 Magic Damage to targets in a line.

This one combined with Dragonfire will do some pretty nice damage. This attack combined with dragonfire is also very useful to push and farm with.

http://honwiki.net/w/images/a/a8/Pyromancerskill2.gif Dragonfire

Pyromancer conjurers a mighty elemental fire dragon at a target location,damaging and stunning enemies in an area

Manacost: 90/100/110/125. Targeting: Ground. Cooldown:10sec
Details: Deals 90/150/210/280 Magic damage and stuns targets in the 200radius for 1.6sec

This one is your opener you start with Dragonfire then right after you use Phoenix wave and Then you finish them off with Blazing strike if they are not dead by then you will finish them off with the buff from Fervor .This attack also has lots and lots of uses you can use it to stun any one chasing you just to name one of many uses.

http://honwiki.net/w/images/6/69/Pyromancerskill3.gif Fervor

Pyromancer becomes further attuned to the Flame, increasing his attack speed and cast speed

Manacost: Passive. Targeting: Passive. Cooldown: None
Details: Increases castspeed by 10/20/30/40. Increases movement and attack speed for 5 second after casting a spell.

Adds a buff everytime you cast a spell. The buff gives you 2%/3%/4%/5% movement speed and 10/20/30/40 attack speed. The buff stacks 3 times.
This means after casting your spells you will be able to dish out some nice attack damage with the extra casting speed and it will also help you chase down fleeing enemies and also help you get away.

http://honwiki.net/w/images/8/89/Pyromancerskill4.gif Blazing Strike

Using power granted from Sol, Pyromancer hurls a blazing hot fireball at a enemy target, dealing massive damage.

Manacost: 280/420/680. Targeting: Enemy Unit. Cooldown:150/90/50 sec
Detail: Deals 450/675/950 magic damage to target. With staff of the master 650/875/1150 magic damage to target. Staff of the master also reduces the manacost at lvl 3 from 680 to 640.

This attack is the top of your iceberg ( which is probably pretty melted by now)the enemy will be so annoyed when u get them from 50% to 0 in like 1sec they will cry tears of blood. And as you see at lvl 3 and with Staff of the Master you will do 1150damage. And Never EVER use this on people with full HP unless you are sure you can one hit em.

Playing style. Pyromancer is nuker. He is a uber one to.

What you basically do. 1) you go in and dragonfire. 2) if your dragonfire hit them, use your phoenix wave. 3) after you cast Phoenix wave you immediatly use your blazing strike and if they are not dead by then you will finish them off with the buff from fervor.

In team fights your only part is to go in and dish out so much damage you can,and try to hit so many with your stun you can.

You do although have 2 flaws: hitting with dragonfire, and Shamans Headress. If they get shamans headress u should enter your wardrobe and cry for one hour or two. no seriously if they get Shamans Headress you should try to get as high normal damage so you still can dish out nice damage if you have 3 stacks of fervor.
Your whole playstyle depends on that you hit with dragonfire.


Well you can do any lane really. If you go mid you should try to rune whore. Pyromancer with an invisible rune is really awesome beacuse you will probably hit with your dragonfire due to that they dont know you are there.You should try to deny as much as you can. If they dont get much gold and levels they wont be able to buy health items and therefor get lower HP makin it easier for u to kill. Good laning buddies are heroes that can keep the enemy in place long enough for u to dragonfire. for example hammerstorm. Pollywog and electrician is a bit overkill but can always be done.

Good laning buddies

http://honwiki.net/w/images/7/77/Hammerstormhero.gifhttp://honwiki.net/w/images/2/2d/Pollywog_Priesthero.gifhttp://honwiki.net/w/images/d/d4/Electricianhero.gif Hammerstorm,Pollywog,Electrician and pretty much anyone that can keep the enemy in place long enough for you to hit them with dragonfire.

Will keep you full on mana thus allowing you to spam your attacks.

Skill Build
2.Phoenix Wave
3.Phoenix Wave
5.Phoenix Wave
6.Blazing Strike
7.Phoenix Wave
11.Blazing Strike
16.Blazing Strike

Reason. Dragonfire goes first beacuse of the stun. but Phoenix will be prioritised after that beacuse Phoenix does more damage.

Item Build

Starting Items

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v169/snagg3r/HoNItems/accessories/item1pretendercrown.jpgPretenders Crown x2=185+185=370

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v169/snagg3r/HoNItems/supplies/item12runesofblight.jpg Runes of Blight x2=90+90=180

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v169/snagg3r/HoNItems/supplies/manapotion.jpg Mana potion x1=50

Not much to say this is what I usually get and I think it works very nice. Some regen and some stats and you can later turn Pretenders Crowns into Talisman of the Exile

Early Game items

okay first out is to turn the 2 Pretenders crown into Talisman's of the exile.

Then I go for steamboots. But if you feel its going really well u can go for Post haste.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v169/snagg3r/HoNItems/Initiation/item7steamboots.jpg x1 When you got Steamboots you can turn em on what useful at the moment either more mana and dmg or more HP. Its up to You

I do like this beacuse it gives some Int and allround stats.

Midgame items

Now I start Building Staff of the master by starting out with a Glowstone.Then going for either a Neopthytes book or Mighty Blade.

Glowstone+Neopthytes Book+Migthy Blade+recipe=Staff of the Master

Reason: Staff of the Master give you some survivability in form of more HP and Mana and it also Boosts your ultimate. Which is pretty nice.

Late Game items

In late game I start to build a Sacrificial Stone for even more survivability but you can also get something that boosts your Damage For example Savage mace. You can also get Behemot's Heart if you dont feel you have mana problems. Behemoths heart can you choose beacuse of the HP and of the reduced cooldown on spells. But which one you choose is up to you in the end. But as i said earlier if they have Shamans Headress i suggest getting Savage Mace.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v169/snagg3r/HoNItems/Protective/sacraficialstone.jpg or http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v169/snagg3r/HoNItems/Protective/item12behemothsheart.jpg or http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v169/snagg3r/HoNItems/Combative/savagemace.jpg

Reason why i build like this. As you probably have noticed i go for much Mana and HP the reason for that is beacuse in Teamfights you will probably be targeted first as you do the most Damage. The extra hp will let you survive that and the extra Mana will do so you really wont have to worry about your mana.

Situational Items

If the enemy has many nukers its never wrong to get Shamans Headress
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v169/snagg3r/HoNItems/Protective/shamansheaddress.jpg Shamans Headress

And if you feel like you are having problems hitting with dragonfire you can get a Assasin's Shroud. Assasin's Shroud will also help you get away.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v169/snagg3r/HoNItems/Protective/assasinsshroud.jpg Assasin's shroud.

Last Words.
Well this is my first guide so please have mercy:). Also I Would love feedback and comments. Also suggestions on other item builds are very welcome. Hope you enoyed the guide.


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