View Full Version : Intentional Feeding

10-08-2009, 04:00 PM
There needs to be some sort of way to kick a player for intentionally feeding. It is absolutely unfair if there is a player who has some sort of problem with the team, OR he is buddies with the other team and wants to get their stats up, who has the ability to ruin the game. Even if everyone from the team being screwed votes yes, you still have to have the team being fed to vote yes too. Since PSR is so important to people, they would much rather have a for sure PSR boost than a possible loss. They will either not vote or just vote no. This leaves the victim team absolutely powerless and forces them to take a loss. They cant even concede.

So how could this be fixed?

One possible solution would be to have some sort of team vote if a player dies at a high frequency rate on non-noob filtered games. If a player dies within 'x' amount of time after spawning and does this 'x' times in a row, the team has the ability to vote kick that player. This would be an in-team vote. This would allow a team to have some sort of insurance if an intentional feeder emerges.

Lets discuss possible solutions to this because, currently, the team with the feeder is powerless.