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07-12-2011, 09:58 PM
Player looking for clan - Information below

Age - 22
Name - Sean
Sex - Male
Time zone - PCT (Pacific Central Standard Timezone, central Texas)
Experience in other AoS - About all of them on at least a trial excluding the original DoTA. Don't enjoy starcraft, dont have an account there. Did trial for Savage 2, still have League of Legends and Land of Chaos Online.
Microphone - yes.
I only speak English.
Outside HoN I'm attending college and working part time at a Cinemark.

Heroes I'm good with

Bombardier, Witch Slayer, Polywog Priest, Flux, Corrupted Disciple, Flint Beastwood, Soul Stealer, Sand Wraith, Defiler, Torturer, Wretched Hag, Dead Wood, Pharaoh, Pestilence, Amun-Ra

Heroes I will never touch because I have no business on them

Devourer, Accursed, Night hound, Gladiator, Pandemonium, Ophelia, Magebane

Reason for looking for a clan:
I've been here for about a month and a half now and I'm tired of losing match after match after match to idiots who have no idea what they are doing or are simply fine with being a jackwaggit. I'm a 1700-1800 quality player who wants wins, but I cannot carry most of the bads I see at all due to simple outright refusal to work as a team. I'm looking for a clan to help me improve on what I'm lacking, which is outright experience in HoN itself, while being intelligent, competent players who pull their own weight, and hopefully do not run around stealthed all game proclaiming how pro they are. (I hate scout players)

What I can give to a clan:
I am already experienced in several AoS games and have been practicing for a month before actually trying to join a clan in HoN. I wont have anywhere near as much of a learning curb as other new recruits. I'm generally a friendly moron outside matches, and pull my own weight. I can play at least 3 anti carries, carries, tanks, and supports, I actually buy couriers and wards, and I can change my gear to fit a situation. my playstyle is generally aggressive but not stupid. I am also increasing my roster of heroes I am good with.

What I wont give to a clan:
A dead weight. I don't want you to "give me rating" I want a competent group of people I can play with and get that myself. I'm also not looking for a clan that is only barely active, I am active in this game so I want a clan that is likewise very active in this game.

How to reach me:
Just send me a pm. Chances are if you try to friend me randomly and I haven't seen you in a match, I'm going to just decline. You can also find me on League of Legends from time to time under the name "GrandBreaker" as I have been unable to get my friend Edgar to drop that game.