View Full Version : [Interface] Error closing and opening in-game shop

06-13-2011, 06:24 PM
At both the Outpost, and the Observatory, when you press 'B' to open the shop, then press 'esc', and stay inside the shop range, and push 'B' again, it does not show the large window of items available for purchase, although it is open

like, walk up to observatory, push b, esc, b again, it doesnt show the big window with wards of sight there, but the shop is open and you cant use hotkeys for spells, all you can buy is ward of sight but it is not showing you the big window with the wards amount and cooldown and the empty space in it

it has this error if you open shop, buy, esc, and open shop again, as well

it looks like it does when you push b anywhere on the map, except none of the hotkeys for the subgroups are shown, because the subgroup for observatory/outpost are still open, but not visible

i hope thats clear enough Q Q

06-13-2011, 06:29 PM
It also looks like if you do this, it will properly pop up:

B (Open), B (Closes shop), B, B, B

So basically you have to open/close the shop twice to get it to pop up again.