View Full Version : [Interface] PLEASE VOTE! Disable/Toggle off All Chat and Team Chat

06-11-2011, 11:30 PM
I have made a post about this in the past but I did not include a poll so my post disappeared, I have also seen a few other threads about it but this dosent seem like its getting the attention it deserves.

What I and many others are proposing is a system that allows you to disable all/team chat at a whim or via options settings. This will finally allow you to make the only winning move when it comes to dealing with a troll, and that is not to play. You cant change other people, but we shouldnt be powerless to at least not have to listen to absolutely unnecessary comments from poor winners or poor losers.

Verbal harrasment can come from 3 sources:
-Team Speak (already preventable via mute)

-All Chat (non preventable and arguably most unnecesary of the 3 to be forced to listen to)

-Team Chat (non preventable)

Team chat is optional, but somehow the input from your opposing team seems to be invaluable, as nice as it is to hear "LOL 4v5 AND U KONG LOL FAGS" its really not necessary.

On the flip side, Team chat does have its uses and may hinder your ability to work as a team if turned off, however this would be more of a solution for a team thats not working together in the first place, and this is going to make your life a lot less harder than it has to be.

NOTE**If 1 player is the source of grief on your team and you still want to keep team chat, possibly consider making an option to squelch individual players on your team.

Please vote. no one over 20 games played in hon has not experienced some amount of verbal grief that was completely unnecessary but was not able to do anything about it, except try and ignore it, or rage back and create more drama.

Thanks for reading and if enough people vote we get our dont listen to the troll stickers :D

EDIT: As a sidenote, S2 should have some empathy when it comes to this since they recently changed their forum rules so they dont have to deal with unconstructive trolls with nothing good to say,
they dont like it on their forums, we dont like dealing with it in our games.

06-13-2011, 10:06 AM
There's a command for this: /ic

Sadly it's broken atm.