View Full Version : Honestly

06-07-2011, 07:49 PM
I made a thread yesterday, "shut it down", which was a fairly frustrated, yet constructive, rant about the entire situation and advised that S2 shut down the servers until they fixed their stuff. Without any warning, message, notification, or reason, the entire thread was deleted by a mod.

I don't care about the thread itself and I've generally ignored the whining when it comes to moderators and S2, but this game is going to continue to decline until you sort your stuff out. Every day the servers have significant downtime, and S2 rarely gives out any information to the players beyond 'there's a problem'. Players get frustrated with the lack of communication and post their constructive views, and those are deleted or thrown in the non-constructive area by overzealous mods (who, chances are, will do the same thing to this thread).

Why don't you just shut down the service until it is properly working with no issues? There's still tons of people with login issues, and that's ignoring the fact that stats aren't recording frequently, the servers are down numerous times a day, and pings can easily be ridiculous.