View Full Version : Seriously?

06-06-2011, 08:43 PM
Quote from [S2]JohnnyUtah: Hey Moon, why don't you stick to feeding with Flint Beastwood to easy lanes and then whining all day in VoIP about how it was Daggius' fault?

I think you do a much better job as that because you're one of the worst players I've ever seen in this game. Oh let's not forget your own clanmates making fun of how bad you are and making you ragequit the game.

If you'd like to go leave and play a game where the average total killscore between the top 2 competitive teams is 5 kills @ 30 minutes, be my guest. For the remainder of the competitive community that doesn't actually suck at this game, stay tuned to big announcements coming soon.

This is absolutely garbage. Does this piece of **** game that can't recover from simple DDoS attacks after 3 weeks think it has ANY shot at competing with DotA 2?

Valve is a legit company while S2 is a bunch of incompetent raging nerds. They completely STOLE this entire game from Dota and then have the nerve to treat people like ****. I can't WAIT until this trash company burns in flames when Dota 2 is released. And let's be honest, this game is dead once that happens. You all know it.