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06-04-2011, 05:29 PM
Epic incompetence rears it's ugly head again.

Last week, it's the supposed "DDoS" attack. This week, it's database management incompetence that causes "table corruption".

I wonder if the "engineers" at S2 have ever heard of RAID? Perhaps some redundancy in the system would allow them to bounce back from this kind of issue without downtime?

Repairing tables? WTF?! Is S2 using MyISAM tables to store their sensitive data?! Good lord, I hope not, for their sake. That's a pretty antiquated choice... and unreliably nasty to recover with. 6 hours of downtime to "repair" tables is just plain awful. And completely unnecessary with a small amount of planning and redundancy.

On the upside, perhaps S2 "engineers" are learning how to make a working system from all these bugs and problems in their game. Let's hope! I'm not holding my breath though.

Now, what of this login issue? Is it because their database is working at a fraction of capacity? Maybe. Or, more likely, there's yet another EPIC fail of a bug in their auth server that causes login to lock up for some of us.

Is anyone else noticing a pattern of blaming others for these issues? "It's a DDoS attack!" "It's a NoC failure!" When do they actually take responsibility for their poor planning and implementation? Here's what they should really be saying:

"We are incompetent and have created systems that are buggy and not fault tolerant. This is because our engineers are new to creating a product of this scale. Sorry, paying customers, but you are helping us learn how to engineer the game properly. Thanks for paying us for the privilege of testing!"


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true dat!

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I agree MasterOfEnts (http://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/member.php?u=2313518), S2 Engi what Db use Access? O.o

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Without HoN, all I can do is sit and my computer and wait for it to work, you Maliken, is stealing my life! SCREW YOU!

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