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06-01-2011, 04:04 PM
I've been working on this concept for some time, and I finally have something to share with the community. I'd really appreciate your feedback on this one.

Without further ado, I present...

Fields of HueHueHue!

What is it?

Fields of HueHueHue is the first map for HoN focused on the Brazilian player base, catering to their unique skills and play style. Fields of HueHueHue is designed to provide a venue to showcase the talent of HoN's Brazilian player base, while keeping them away from everyone else.

What's different about it?

FoH's map layout is designed to cater to BR playstyles. There are no lanes, no trees, no terrain, and no neutral creeps. Players are free to run around and engage in epic standoffs against their opponents. in the middle of the map there is a secret shop on the far left, and on the far right. The outposts have been removed because BR players have a tendency to get confused when they can't buy their 3 minor totems there.

In the dead center of the map, notated by the soccer ball icon, is Kongor. Kongor functions just like he does normally, except instead of dropping the Token of Life, he drops the Golden Vuvuzela. The golden vuvuzela, when used, is a global silence/stun/immobilize/disable/etc. that prevents all enemy players from doing anything. It lasts for as long as the person wielding the golden vuvuzela can spam "huehuehuehuehue" in all chat. Truly a game changer of epic proportions.

The tower layouts are similar to Grimm's Crossing, though this is a 5v5 map. One key difference to note is that the sound 10 seconds before the map starts is Kongor razzin' on that golden vuvuzela. From his ass. You don't want to be anywhere near him when that happens, so this is further discouragement to rune sitting at the beginning of the match. Pro BRs will know to sit at the tower, possibly at the rax or in the well when the game starts, and new comers will learn quickly.

Who's it for?

FoH is for every BR player who's ever felt insulted, excluded, harassed, or unappreciated among the rest of the HoN community.

FoH is also for everyone else, who's sick and tired of getting a BR on their team in matchmaking.


FoH seeks to promote harmony and peace by segregating two of HoN's most disagreeing populations - BRs and actual players.

When can I play it?

FoH will be released when S2 actually lets us use custom maps in the game.

06-01-2011, 04:09 PM
omfg i lol'd

06-01-2011, 04:11 PM
Hello OP,

Personally I feel there are some heavy imbalances present on this map. While the concept of a soccer field is quite unique and clever, there is not significant space between the lanes, forcing players to congregate into an overcrowded cluster of heroes.

The presence of the Kongor entity in between the two runes ensures that only the left side will be able to get runes on the left side, and vice versa for the right side. While this creates an interesting dynamic, it may severely cripple heroes that must rely on rune control in order to effectively function in their lane.

The small size and tower spacing on the map may prove detrimental to strategic movement and ganking, as the tier 1 and tier 2 towers are very close to each other. I feel like this map may encourage only mass pushing or turtle strategies, which may not be as exciting when many valid team compositions are neutered.

Finally, I am unaware of what makes this map specifically tailored to Brazilians. Sure, Kongor is holding a Brazilian flag but he also has a Vuvuzuela (which you appear to have misplaced, the Vuvuzuela is blown with the mouth) which is of South African heritage.

Overall, a fine effort for a first map but I must conclude that this map carries many imbalances and eliminates many playstyls and heroes. I suggest you take this learning experience and progress as a mapmaker!


06-01-2011, 04:14 PM
ROFL this map is EPIC and the name is more epic.