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Demented Shaman


This is a guide on Demented Shaman, I make this guide because the guides that exists does not go into detail about him, there is so much more to Demented Shaman then just “that healing hero”, and I will try to enlighten you readers on how to best play this hero from my experience. I also make this guide because there are to many retarded shamans running around in my opinion, and I hope to help you all with this guide.

Pros And Cons

Has heal and 50% damage reduction spells
Deals a lot of damage in the early game
Has great armor buff/debuff
One of the best babysitters
All spells have a low cost

Damaging spells deals less and less damage the longer the game progresses
Has no real escape ability
Low base HP


Here I will go through the basic’s stats, skills, standard skill build etc.

img:stats 1/25


Entangle is a great ability when chasing, ganking or fleeing a gank. The damage of this spell is weak and but its still a good harass in the early game, . I will go into more detail in how to use this spell to best later when I describe the different stages in the game.

Img: Arcane hide
Arcane hid is a fairly good protective spell, but after the nerfed its potential has been lowered. Area of use includes yourself, initiators, heroes you babysit, or heroes who are known to be focused.

Img: Healing Wave
Healing wave is you bread and butter it is the spell that makes Demented Shaman a great hero, it is especially strong in the early-/mid game. During the early stages of a game it can in my opinion be considered a nuke. The damage potential of this spell is immense in early/mid game, at lvl 1 you can deal 80x3=240 physical damage vs a enemy hero, very notable with this skill I the face that it deals physical damage this means you can hurt heroes who are magic immune and its very effective to counter i.e. Swiftblade, Predator or Jeraziah, it also damages catapults/ballista's

Img: Storm Could

Storm Cloud is Demented Shamans ulti and it is a nice ulti for the mid-/lategame but it’s rather useless in the earlygame. It is especially good when defending or pushing, since its when there will be the most heroes around, and the more heroes around the better the effect of the ulti. Also mentionable is that the ulti has 2000 range; this makes it easy to use before you advance in to a teamfight. With its 40 sec CD you don't have to be afraid to use it.

Skill build

1 – Healing wave
2 – Entangle / Arcane Hide
3 – Healing wave
4 – Entangle
5 – Healing wave
6 – Entangle
7 – Healing wave
8 – Entangle
9 –Arcane hide / stats
10 – Storm Cloud
11 – Storm Cloud
12 – Arcane Hide / stats
13 – Arcane Hide / stats
14 – Arcane Hide / stats
15 – Stats
16 – Storm Cloud
17-25 – Stats / Arcane Hide

This skillbuild Works in most matchups, it’s a semi defensive build since I max the heal first but since that is Demented Shamans only “nuke” its also quite good in an offensive aspect, If you are in need of more HP or playing in a higher tier match you can go stats instead of arcane hide and max out Arcane hide after ulti is maxed. When babysitting against a very hard lane Arcane hide can be a option at level 2 to ensure survival

Item Overview

Starting items

There are many sets of starting items that work well for Demented Shaman, depending on lane/lanemate etc I will try to describe as well as I can what you should go for and when you should go for it.

Cost: 575 gold

Cost: 579 gold

Cost: 570 gold
Depending on the skill level and hero combo these are the 3 combos that I usually go for. The first is when I'm going full support from start I go wards if someone els go Currier but otherwise I get currier and share it with the team. The Second one is for solo mid or early push, I will be taking risks and try to go for early kills. The Third is the only skillbuild with a hp regen, and I get these items when I predict having a hard lane. And you will want to get a Mana battery, asap after you get to your lane, get it in Outpost when you got 210g it will help you a lot.

Core items

1x Fort bracers
Power supply
Mana tube
Cost: 4009 Gold
Xx Wards
Xx Homecoming stones

This core give you everything you need with Demented Shaman, you get a good amount of extra hp, and a good mana regen. These items will take you through early mid game with ease. After you get your core you have many options, I will post the items that I recommend here depending on how much farm you get and the skill level of the game. here is the list of items that can be considered a "solid pick" for Demented Shaman(items are sorted by cost):


As a support hero it is your job to ward for your team and with the low cost of your core you should have gold to use wards.

Abyss skull (2050)

If you have a melee heavy team to support Abyss Skull can be a good option, but this is a item that you don't get that much since its not really that good.

Astrolabe (2306)

This is a very good item for Demented Shaman with a massive 1250 heal for your team, but make sure that you are the only one in your team getting Astrolabe.

Nome's Wisdom (2500)

Provides a aura that heals for 25% of mana used, a very good secondary passive heal. Area of use is manaheavy teams.

Stormspirit (2800)

A good mana regen item that also gives MS and a disable. Can be used on yourself or on a enemy target, only ever use on self when you are in danger of dying and can be saved by your team.

Barrier Idol (3653)

When facing a team with heavy spell damage a Barrier Idol can be a good item to get for you after Shaman's it will help you a little with your healing, mostly you get it to be safe when nuked.

Staff of the Master (4300)

Buff's your ulti, Specification under in-depth: Storm Cloud. Also a good mana/hp item.

Shieldbreaker (4400)

If you want to go dps with Demented Shaman Shieldbreaker is you main dps item you get it first. It can followed with a Hellflower or Riftshard. In addition this can be a lategame item if no one in you team has it you can get it to support your carry, it works very well in synergy with you ulti.

Frostfield Plate (4700)

Great endgame item, best +armor in the game +15. Also it gives you a AS slow aura and a aoe use that slows, a very good endgame item that can help you get away from annoying carry's.

Hellflower (5025)

Not a common item on Demented but if you feel that you team need Silence, this can be a good substitute to Kuldra. But its more of a dps item then a support item.

Totem of Kuldra (5675)

A great disable item, it gives your team an 3,5 sec disable, and also you will get all the mana and mana regen that you will ever need for Demented.

Items to stay away from

There are many ways you can play DS and i have played him in all the ways i can think off, and by doing so i have conclusion that he is best played as a supporter. As a support hero there are many items that you want to stay away from, allthough i don't want to ban these items from DS, it's up to every player to pick items for your hero and i can only recommend what to get and why to get it.

Riftshard/Savage Mace/Wingbow etc.

pure physical dps items like the one's stated above should be avoided with DS. Sure it can be fun to play DS as a dps hero and go for endgame carry, but he (don't) have skills that works in synergy with a pure physical damage build.


Codex is a lasthit item, and as stated above and you will read it bellow you are a support hero and should not fragsteal/frag when your carry can get the kill. plus when going codex you sacrefic alot of manaregen and hp for a burst of magic damage that is not in syergy with DS own spells.


Before all you bottle users start raging about how good bottle is for DS i would like to state that it is not at all a bad item for DS but, a power supply is just as good or bettre for him. However if you laning with someone like pesti/MM or any other hero with a low manapool and heavy mana use early on it can be bought a few min into the game with currier and keept for him/her, help your mid hero to runewhore abit and carry regen/invis/dd to your lanemate.

Lifestealing items

As you are playing a hero how has heals/shield spells there is no real need to get lifesteal on DS. An exception can be made when geting abyss skull for your carry.

Hack & Slash

Not that i have seen many DS use H&S but there is the occasional noob who think "H&S is a item that is good on all heroes, extra MS, AS and HP what els can you wish for?" anyways sorry for that lame "think", just don't get it on DS.

Harkon's Blade

Sure this is a great item for casters, if casters are defined as "anyone who casts a spell" then its not. Converting you dmg to magic damage is not for DS and the debuff that comes with it does not work in synergy with his own spells. If you want to boost your spells damage you get Shieldbreaker or Deamonic Breastplate.

Complete Playguide

In this section I will describe all parts of a match with tips regarding what to do in different situations, what lane to pick, what hero to lane with etc. I hope you will find this information helping when playing Demented Shaman. Note that all the tactics and tips bellow is from my playstyle prospective.

Complete Playguide: Laning (level 1-5)
Sweet, sweet early game this is when Demented Shaman is the strongest. First of all you should avoid going solo mid since you are a great support hero you are much better of babysitting your carry, but Demented Shaman is by no means a weak mid hero. Bottom or top makes no difference. At level 3 you should be able to take a kill or at least have total lanecontrol depending on the opposition. Also do not hesitate to use healing wave to last hit, on level 1 it can deal 240 magic damage in case there are 3 friendly creeps alive.

In addition you will be able to harass by normal attacks quite easily with his long range and 5 ms higher ms then standard. The key to this is as stated above to provoke the enemy in to chasing you, but since you run faster he won’t be able to hit you and when he turns you attack him quickly, this is harder to do vs someone with boots. This also works well for voodoo jester since he has the same range/base MS.

For all the pro tips on how to lane see Nome’s guide here (http://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/showthread.php?t=2625)

Complete Playguide: Babysitting

Defining babysitting is easy, but too actually do it is and other thing. When babysitting this is what you do:

Harass you opposition a lot
Ensure that your lanemate gets the maximum amount of lasthits
Focus on denying, with the exception of lasthits your lanemate cant get
Ensure that your lanemate survives at all costs
Ensure that your lanemate gets lasthits on herokills(if possible)
Ensure that your lanemate doesn't have to leave the lane
Basically you boost you lanemate's chances of doing good in mid/lategame, if he would be a good earlygame hero there would be no need for you to babysit. However babysitting can also be used to boost a good early/midgame heroes chances of doing exceptionally good during midgame by using the same tactics stated above. Moving on to DS and his way of babysitting. First of all DS is arguably the best babysitter in the game, he can heal, shield and slow/stun, these are the three most important abillity's for a babysitter. Healing will obviously maximize the time that your lanemate can stay in lane. Shielding will probably not be used during laning if you follow my skillbuild, but in cases when you are up against a very hard lane I.E. Magmus/Pyro you should put one skill in Arcane Shield instead of the level 2 or 4 slow. Slowing/stunning your opposition should mainly be used to help you lanemate to get a kill or to help him escape, harassing with Entangle should be avoided since you will be using most of your mana for healing.

Complete Playguide: Ganking
You can Start ganking from level 5-6 but I recommend unless you have bottle to get a manatube and marchers before you start ganking, because you will be burning a lot of mana while ganking and you will be roaming the map a lot therefore boots are good. And the longer you can keep ganking the better for the team. If you have solo mid you should gank in the direction of the rune, also take into consideration that it’s easier to come from woods when ganking if your team is in a position you can benefit from try to catch the enemy team between your tower and the entrance of wood, by doing so you will get a surround on them. If you are top/bottom you should go for a gank in mid or if you are rich, buy a homecoming when your team is pushing and attack the enemies through their woods. Something that is important when ganking with Demented Shaman is to not use entangle to early, use it when they try to escape and instruct your team to surround the hero your going for if possible for maximum effect of your heal. A good idea is to run in pair with a strong early game ganker to ensure kills; i.e. Arachna, Pyromancer, Pestilence, Lego to state a few favorites of mine.

Complete Playguide: Team fights
The most important thing in team fights is that you use your ultimate correctly; if you face a team with heavy physical damage you should use it on your team before you move in use it then wait 3-4 seconds and move in. If you have a team with heavy physical damage you should use it on their team, this is a great way to strike fear into the enemy team as well, and don’t forget that it has 2000 range which makes it easy to use before advance into the battle. Also important to mention is Arcane hide, you should either place your Arcane hide on your initiator to ensure that he doesn’t die when he moves in, or place it on a weak hero like Glacius, torturer or a carry like MM, MB, Chronos or someone alike, remember to as I stated above to use your arcane hide well in advance so that you can use it again during the battle.

Use entangle to stop escaping enemy heroes or more important to interrupt channels like magmus, voodoo or tempest’s ulti. Your healing wave should be used during the first 2 seconds of the battle and remember that it does physical damage therefore if someone in their team uses Shrunken head or Jeraziah uses Protective charm it does not matter you will still damage them with your ability. If you have astrolabe use it when someone is going down fast or when the entire team has been damaged from AOE its has the potential to heal for 1250 HP. If you have stormspirit or kuldra use it to either disable someone annoying or to stop a fleeing hero. You position during a team fight should be in the back in a semi safe position. You should never be in the front where you can be taken out easily.


In-Depth: Healing wave
One thing that is very notable with healing wave is that it deals physical damage which means that any magic immunity won’t hold against it, therefore Healing wave can be very useful when playing vs heroes who relay on magic immunity or high magic armor to get away or survive. The likes of Swiftblade, Jereziah, Magebane or Pudge are all often taken by surprise when you deal them a lot of damage using your heal. I will describe the best way to use you healing wave spell to maximize your damage output on enemy heroes, the tactics bellow is for early game laning when you do the most damage, but can be used at any time during the game.

First of all I would like to take up the theoretical damage you can do with healing wave:
Level 1: 3x80 = 240 physical damage
Level 2: 3x100= 300 physical damage
Level 3: 4x120= 480 physical damage
Level 4: 5x140= 700 physical damage
To see how the damage is scaled see this chart provided be Honwiki ARMOR (http://honwiki.net/wiki/Armor).

When using Healing wave to damage your enemy’s you have to think about a few things, first of all you want to have as many creeps and/or allied heroes close to your target as possible, second you should not “steal” the kill when healing you want to give it to you lanemate or a carry in most cases. Here are a few examples on how to use your healing wave to great effect:

You are in a lane facing 2 melee heroes one of them walks towards the creeps to deny the last of his melee creep once its dead slow the hero fast w8 until your creeps are in range (should be about 1 sec) then use your heal and shot him down.

Your hero from mid picks up a table of illusions in the direction of your lane, and comes towards your lane for a gank, if he is a stunner i.e. Pyro or tortuer whom are both normal mid heroes let him initiate with a stun, tell him to then move close to the stunned target(s) then you use your heal on him and his illusions. This is in most cases a sure kill.

In-Depth: Entangle
Entagle is one of the strongest slows in the game, the only slow i can think of that beats it is Hellbringers slow. With its 3 seconds 66% slow one ministun at the begining and one 1sec stun in the end, and there is also a dot that deals alittle damage. 4 Seconds movmentdisable with 9 Seconds cooldown. Well that's the Effect of the spell here I'm going to explain areas of use.

With the slow that DS has he becomes a very good assistant to AOE stunners helping them to stun targets and it works very well in synergy with your healing wave spell as well. Moving on to heroes to team up with during laning, as i stated above AOE stunners works very well in combination with DS I.E. Pesti, Pebbles, Pyromancer, Torturer and Panda will work very well with you during laning/ganking aswell as other stunner with targetspells like Hammerstorm, BS, Behemoth etc.

When should you use Entangle to the best of its ability? The three main areas of use is as initiation you move in and slow, and then you and your teammates move in. The second is chasing I.E. casting it on a fleeing hero. The Third is to interrupt channeling spells I.E. Tempest uses his ulti and you cast Entangle on him and he gets owned!

In-Depth: Storm Cloud
Storm Cloud is DS ultimate, and I dare say that it is one of the best lategame ulti’s in the game. It has great values at every point of the game. It’s low cooldown makes it almost spamable, The buff/debuff given by it lasts for 12/18/24(18/24/30) +1/-1 Armor per second in a 600(800) radius with a casting range of 2000, these are de basics of Storm Could. Numbers written in bold text is when buffed by Staff of the Master.

Area’s of use (Offence)
Using Storm Cloud offensively should be done when you have someone other then yourself who can benefit from it. I.E. if you have 2 Physical nukers like Madman/Pesti or Hammerstorm/Dark lady you should defiantly use Storm cloud in an offensive manner. But when you relay on caster to do most of your damage you should use it on your team (See Area’s of use (Defense)).

Pushing – When pushing using Storm Cloud vs. those defending will give you an upper hand. Firstly this will scare most players who play a hero who already have low armor (int/str casters mostly) especially if you have a hard carry like Pesti with you. You should use Storm Cloud around 4-5 sec before you engage, and obviously you want to get as many heroes as possible in the cloud.

Team Fight – When entering a team fight in a neutral area of the map use Stormcloud at first sight of danger, or if you are late for the fight or there is no time to cast it before they come, use it on as many heroes as possible as soon as possible since most team fights last less then 10 seconds its important that you make the most use of the ulti as possible.

Defending – When defending the goal with storm cloud is to prolong the push, since most team’s wont be pushing when under the effect of -12-30 armor. But you should always use you ulti to prolong pushes even when facing 5 heroes solo.

Ganking – First and foremost it is very important to not scare your target away with you ulti. When facing only 1 hero in a gank I.E. 3v1/2v1 its better to use Storm Cloud when/if they counter your gank. But whenever you are ganking/attacking more then 1 hero you should use Storm Cloud. You should use about the same timing as when pushing, depending on how fast you can move in to gank.

Area’s of use (Defense)
Using Storm Cloud Defensively is as you might have figured the opposite to using it offensively. It is best used defensively when facing strong physical heroes, or when countering heavy armor reduces from heroes like Pestilence or Soul Stealer. In Addition Storm Cloud should be used defensively Whenever you play with heroes who will benefit more from +armor for themself rather then –armor on your opposition.

Pushing – before engaging a tower or racks, you use Storm Cloud on every member in your team and after that you move in the timing should around 3-4 sec before you move in. This will make it easier for you initiator to move in .

Team Fights – Use Storm Cloud as soon as possible after you have entered a team fight on neutral ground. The same tactics as Pushing applies here as well.

Defending – When using Storm Cloud in defense you don’t want the enemy team to see it using is early can have its advantages but, if they se you use Storm Cloud on your team they will most likely prolong their push, which has both disadvantages and advantages. If they don’t see when you use Storm Cloud and engage they will soon realize their mistake and in most cases you will win the fight, but if they see it and wait for it to end you can be in both disadvantage and in advantage, if it gives you time to organize your defenses and make you 100% ready for the enemy team its good if not its most likely bad and you run the risk of getting stomped.
That’s about it for area’s of use, moving on to synergy with other heroes.

As described above there is both a offensive and defensive use of Storm Cloud, or in some cases both. In addition Storm Cloud can be used to great effect in synergy with other heroes who have armor reducing effects and spells. A very viable and hard to kill combo is Pestilence and DS, with maxed out ultimate’s this combo can have a total of -45 armor plus an additional -11 from items a total of -56 armor. With that kind of negative armor you will most likely kill any hero with that merciless strength. An other option although weaker is DS and soulstealer who has a armor reducing arura. The lists can be longer but I just want to make a point which is, TEAM UP WITH HEROES WHO HAS ARMOR REDUCING SPELLS AND EFFECTS!

I think that, this is about it. I have stated above when and where to use Storm Cloud I have also talked about Synergy with other heroes, the rest is up to you lot to figure out :D

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U could add some pictures to this Guide liek the skills and the core build, it makes it easier to understand or scim read otherwise good job.

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