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05-27-2011, 03:27 PM
Corpsemaker – Nessaj Port

So, I know Nessaj (Chaos Knight - 6) isn’t high on the Str-Port wishlist, but I came up with an idea, and I will present you that. But, as it says:

“Remember: Just because the hero gets the highest votes doesn’t mean it'll 100% be ported into HoN, this thread is just to gauge what the public wants, not what S2 are intending to do. This is only a public, non-official poll and is in no way indicative of S2's plans.”

It’s NOT a 1-to-1 port, by the way. Take your godly time to read it:


Simple: A walking dead, zombie, walking corpse, meatfull-skeleton, standing meat-and-bones, whatever you call it, simple as that. Actually, in my mind I picture him as a retouched Dirge model, carrying a Barathrum-like lamp. No big deal here.


Exactly same as DotA.


As I think S2 doesn’t like % % % % % % RANDOM RANDOM RANDOM RNG RNG RNG I win because I am luck, I touched his skills a bit. Who plays Nessaj on DotA knows luck plays a big role. Sometimes you get 200dmg 4secs Chaos Bolt. Sometimes you get a 100dmg 2secs (used to be worse, imagine a 1 dmg 2 secs). Aside from that, you could “Blink” near your target, when you actually needed to land right next to you, closer to your team. And, never forget, the 10% 3.0x crit. Sometimes you get 3 in a row, sometimes you die without giving a single *****. Let’s move on.

Death Embrace (Chaos Bolt touched):

Corpsemaker orders a corpse to hold his target, stunning and dealing damage. Applies Embraced to the target for the duration of stun.

Stuns by a random amount from 1/1/1/2 to 2/3/4/4.

Embraced effects:
1~75/50~75/65~75/75 damage per second.

Manacost: 120/130/140/150
Cooldown: 10

“You hold, I punch. Just like we did in school”
Animation and visual effects (Cosmetic things, don’t bother reading it unless you are really interested)

A corpse surges from the ground right on target’s foot, and hugs the target for the duration. Damage appears on target’s head, every time it gets damaged, like Hellbringer’s dot and Tremble’s impale. Stun duration appears right on impact, like it happens in DotA. When the effect is over, the corpse gets back to the ground again.

Bury (Reality Rift untouched):

Corpsemaker and his target are pushed to the underground, appearing at a random location between both. Any Corpse under Corpsemaker command will be buried too.

Deals 25/50/75/100 additional damage for one attack.

Manacost: 70
Cooldown: 24/18/12/6

“Back from the dead!”

Animation and visual effects

Corpsemaker and any active Corpse burrow. Target is pulled by zombie hands to the underground. Then both surge at the random location. This will happen very fast. I’m kinda lost with words here, sorry if it sounds confusing.


Grim Momentum (Critical Strike reworked):

Corpsemaker makes his enemies closer to death every time he attacks. For every 175/150/125/100 damage he causes in any enemy, he gains a charge of Grim Momentum. Damage caused by Corpses also counts on Grim Momentum charging. Corpsemaker also releases a powerful attack every 4th charge, dealing 3 times normal damage (without the Grim Momentum bonus) and resetting charges back to zero. Not dealing any damage for 3 seconds will reset the charges.

Maximum of 4 charges.

Grim Momentum effects:
Deals 20 additional damage for every charge.

Cooldown: 6/5/4/3

“You are dead! Not a big surprise!”

Clarifications: Damage dealt by Corpses will count to add charge. Only one charge can be applied by a single damage. Example: if you deal 400 damage with a single attack, you will only gain one charge. Charges will be back to 0 BEFORE you deal the Critical Strike, meaning you won’t gain the additional damage on the crit. Corpses won’t crit with you, they will just play the “crit animation (floating text)” but damage dealt will be 3 times only by the Corpsemaker. You can’t gain charges if it is on cooldown.


Corpsecraft (Phantasm untouched):

Corpsemaker summons corpses from the ground as illusions for 24 seconds. Corpses deal same damage as Corpsemaker but take two times.

Summons 1/2/3 corpses.

Manacost: 175/225/275
Cooldown: 180/160/140

“Soon you will all serve me!”

Corpsemaker will go underground and then reappear with the illusions. Same as DotA. By the way, these are the "Corpses" mentioned all over the hero.

Thank you for you time reading it.

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