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07-15-2009, 12:13 AM
Before I begin with the suggestion, little history about this character. Long time ago, an artist and I decided to create a webcomic. He was (and still is) a very talented artist while I had a rather strange magic-punk fantasy setting that had a hint of "god damn so many races" vibe from Star Wars. It was a world called Garas and I wanted to make a webcomic out of it.

Unfortunately the comic flopped due to the webcomic audience loves daily updates, not things updated once a week (or worse, once every two weeks). However, the setting still remains in my head and hopefully one day I'll get back to it. That being said, I still have a few character floating around and one of them happens to be Galuv.

To show you that I am not bullshitting, here is a pic of him. Yes, he is riding a musk ox: http://lawbringer-vypr.deviantart.com/art/The-Cavalry-colors-by-EraserX-36255095

Galuv is a big draconion warrior who, unlike many others of his kind, can see the benefits of diplomacy. To fit this is in the Newerth Lore, he was never directly involved in the war between the Horde and the Legion. His clan was somewhat neutral but constantly raided both side supplies so his clan would survive due to reduced resources thanks to the war. When the Hellborne start taking over parts of Newerth, Galuv saw no choice but to help out if his clan was to survive and expects to be despised by everyone for his past actions.

Now onto the skill list. Mind you this is NOT a detailed list showing numbers and so forth. These are just general descriptions.

Galuv - Strength Hero, Melee, 8 or 9 foot tall warrior with a sword that is almost as big as him.

Sunder: Passive skill. For every strike, there is a chance Galuv will reduce the target's physical armor for a duration. For each level increase, the amount of armor reduced is increased but the duration and chance still remain the same. This skill does not stack but can reset the duration.

Breath of Fire - Active, Melee. Just select the target and the poor bastard is engulfed in flames. There is no direct damage when cast upon, but it deals DOT over time. Each level increases the DOT damage and duration.

Mediate - When active, Galuv will sit down and relax. His health regen is increased significantly, but any damage dealt to him to +100% (2x damage!). It takes him 3 seconds to get into the mediation position and 3 seconds to get out. During the transition he is still vulnerable to the 2x damage, making him a wonderful target for scout, madman, and night hound.

ULTIMATE: CHAAARGE - A shout that affects Galuv's team globally (e.g. Glacius' aura), it increases the movement speed of all of his team mates for a duration.