View Full Version : [Game Play] Mysterious temporary "Disconnects"

04-27-2011, 10:17 AM
It often happens, that i get a ... well... let's call it "disconnect", but it's not a normal disconnect:

What happens:
- I just play a match
- Everything is normal
- My Ping is about 60, so it's normal, too
- I don't lag or anything like that
- All of a sudden my char stops reacting for 2 secs
- Then this little grey camera-spectator-symbol appears in the left top corner
- In this moment my char starts to walk back to the homebase
- I can't control him in this time, i even can't change itemslots or anything
- But i am still connected to the server
- I can still see my teammates fighting
- If i write something in the chat in this time, it won't appear

- After a moment (between 2 secs an 40 secs or more) the camera-symbol disappears
- Then i can control my char normal again
- If i wrote something in chat in the "disconnect-time", it is printed in the chat
- The whole time there isn't any message about me disconencting

That's the problem. I don't think my internetconenction is the problem, because, as i said, i still can see my teamates fighting and moving around, so the conection to the server is still there somehow.
This really is annoying me now. I thought it would be patched away after a few weeks, but i have this problem now for about 1 month or more.

I hope, you can fix it.
If it would help you, i can search in my last games for these situations and post the ID and timestamp.

Best wishes


04-27-2011, 10:19 AM
It's heavily known and only happens to certain players.

There's a whole thread about it in GD


You should post there, a lot of people already did that.