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04-20-2011, 04:54 PM
I've devised a couple alt avatars for heroes that don't have any yet. Some are better then others and the photos are roughly photoshopped as I am not an artist.

A [P] in front of a trait means that it may fit the avatar but is not necessary to complete the avatar (either to cut costs of creation and/or the coin cost.)
Model: denotes that the model has changed. As this is required for "alt avatars" this section will mainly be comments on the look of the character, either expanding on the image or correcting it.
Sounds: explains the new sounds that may fit the suggested avatar included possible lines and phrases that differ from the default.
Animations: explains any animation changes that would be required to fit the suggested avatar and to realize its fullest potential.

:pred: Child Predator


The name is obviously meant for humor and not supporting child endangerment. It can be changed if against the moral fiber of the game. The picture is just a bunch of various reference images.
Model: Most if not all of the armor would be removed and the scheme of the baby items can be changed to pink for more humor. I only chose blue because Predator is male. The binky can be hanging from the side of his mouth as the hero needs to eat, and a bottle can be held in the other hand, the picture being too cluttered already.
[P]Sounds: His voice is very manly and it would be ideal if his voice were changed to baby talk however, it is not required, as it would be humorous to see a strong hero in a vulnerable outfit.

:legi: Larry (Bird) Legionnaire

While teen hound already represents the sport, legionnaire exhibits the qualities of dominating the court instead of trying to impress the ladies and much more basket could be implemented into his avatar. A lot of this could be applied to a baseball legend as well, the bat fitting nicely with his axe.
Model: He would wear a basketball uniform that would change color based on the player's color. He would actually wield a basketball as his main weapon, still attacking from melee "as ball control is important?" I really just like the idea of the basketball.
Sounds: Obviously the voice overs mention his axe and whirling blade would have to change. Instead of screaming for his taunt it would play a clip of a crowd cheering as he raised his arms. He would say things like, "Let's win the game!", "Slaaaaam DUNK!", or "At least I can shoot free throws." (I obviously didn't put much thought into his sounds ;D).
Animations: For his taunt he would dribble the ball between his legs. For his charge his would throw the ball ahead of him as if on a fast break. For the spin his would grasp the ball and spin his body completely around. For his ultimate he would jump up and slam the ball into a hoop that appears above the hero he targets.
Definitely one of the most changed heroes in my list, but it would be extremely fun to watch and play.

:arma: SWAT Armadon
Armadon's avatar works really well with his abilities so this one would feel a bit weird, especially in world of Newerth.
Model: He would be wearing full riot gear as in the picture but with a gas mask and the shield would be attached to his back. The flail would become a night stick.
Various minor sound changes such his attacks. A shotgun and grenade explosion sound required...see below:
Animations: For his slow he would shoot a bean bag shotgun at the target hero, or stun them with a grenade. His spines are tricky. Two different grenades fit the bill well enough and they are a tear gas grenade and the game created, fictional chaff grenade. A tear gas grenade would work for his circular aoe but not so much for the long distance targets that he sometimes hits. A chaff grenade, if you've played Splinter Cell or Metal Gear Solid is an explosion of shiny aluminum bits that disrupts electronics. While the latter isn't important, it would replace the spines easily. Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgKrfCWdEsE with no smoke and faster expanding/larger number/more localized pieces.

:wild: Inuit Wildsoul

The most unchanged avatar of the bunch, taking to the north but sticking to his roots.
Model: As per the picture he wears a fur parka, important parts not pictured ;). Aside from this his only change that is [P] is his ultimate transforms him into an abominable snowman. Booboo is now a polar bear as well.

If you stuck this far, I appreciate your comments and criticisms. Also thinking about a Fabio succubus but I grew tired of working on this for today.

04-20-2011, 10:35 PM
I don't really like the predator one, or the legionnaire one. But I do like the Wildsoul one, he needs a simple alt avatar, so something like this where his gear is simply changed would work nicely. Indifferent about Armadon, if done properly, could be really good, but easily messed up.

04-21-2011, 01:05 AM
I like the wildsoul one, the others....not so much