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09-23-2009, 07:13 PM

Just like to give a quick message to the Mods that closed the Voting System thread I had going. I am expressing my right for the good of the game to have an open minded opinion and post what I want. Your immature actions clearly reflect a "your way or the highway" routine and I'm sorry, I'm not putting up with that ****. :mad:

The fact of the matter is, the voting system is CLEARLY unbalanced and easy to abuse. It ruins game after game, and really it IS the biggest problem of this game right now. :eek:

This quote was taken from that thread, it was posted by "Dukamok" a support s2 games or basic mod, whatever you call them. Note: he may be a troll, proceed with extreme caution...

So you're suggesting they lower the vote limit needed for kicking. Thanks.

That would make you one of the probably thousands that believe the same thing. Posting a long griping thread about it will have NO further effect at all than simply contributing to one of the many other threads about it.

So just from logic, if it's such a big problem why has it not been properly fixed or at least experimented with? Or for that matter if you are saying "thousands" of people are doing this, that is posting "long griping threads" about the voting system why have you yourself not tried to push the matter.

So you're suggesting they lower the vote limit needed for kicking. Thanks.

It's not hard to read sarcasm, and it's certainly disrespectful and totally uncalled for. Thanks for having a heart you faceless bastard, almost everyone else in that thread agreed or partially agreed that the voting system ruins a large portion of public games.

For arguments sake, I know someone will say here it won't matter when the games out because people will scrim and not pub. What about those people who don't know anyone? What about the people who don't have time for a team? What about just playing a good old fashion pickup game?

I'm not wasting any more time other than to say thanks for nothing and I hope you don't fix it and it ruins the game.

Thank you, thank you


Protip of the day: Do not feed a troll!

09-23-2009, 07:24 PM
If you have a problem with any moderator action on these forums, please PM me with specific details.

Creating a public thread does nothing but encourage flaming.

For the record, the "Support S2 Games" Shield and text signifies that a player prepaid for the game and does not signify any sort of moderator position or S2 association.