View Full Version : [Game Play] Disjointing Items

02-10-2011, 10:53 AM
im not sure if this is intended or not but i rember reading somewhere that you can disjoint any item that does not need a recipie.

so in one game i wanted to disjoint my :IronShield: so i could use :IronBuckler: to finish my :HelmOfTheBlackLegio only to find out that :IronShield: apparently cant be disjointed.

i went into a practice game to check up on some other items:

items that cant be disjointed:
:IronShield: :Hack: :Slash: :KuldrasSheepstick: :Wingbow:

items that can disjointed:
:RunedAxe: :RingOfTheTeacher: :HackNSlash: :EnhancedMarchers: :IconOfTheGoddess: :WhisperingHelm: :HelmOfTheBlackLegio :SavageMace: :Hellflower: :ShieldOfTheFive: :GreatArcana: :Sustainer: :PlatedGreaves: :SacrificialStone:

so is this intended and if so what makes those 5 more special?

02-10-2011, 10:56 AM
The correct term is "disassembleable", disjoint means something else.

Also, intended for balance reasons.