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09-06-2009, 01:05 AM
I played DotA since pre TFT and played in many leagues so I like to think I'm at least moderately educated in DotA.

I find it very difficult to play "cat and mouse" with casters in a lane like you could in DotA. Say you were in bottom lane hellbourn side. Even with your model at the top edge of your screen, and enemy could step past his creeps and nuke you without giving you the opportunity to react and step back.

This is diffrent than DotA in the sense that you could get in that "cat and mouse" scenario where your trying to step past your creeps and nuke someone but they are just a little to fast at reacting.

I think that was a very important balance element in DotA that is not in HoN.

It is very difficult if not impossible to dodge abilities like succ's ulti, ect. making them even stronger.

I propose a few diffrent suggestions since I try not to ***** and not provide insightful ideas.

1) Increase default camera - I know there has been a lot of debate, and while I like the limiting camera and do agree it is almost exactly like DotA I find that the model size in HoN appears to be larger and that is making it FEEL like you are closer and have a smaller view. I would say not 1850 but maybe 1700 - 1750. It just feels a little to tight, early game you cant fit your hero, both creep waves, and lane opponents in your camera and give yourself an inch of click space for retreats.

2) Reduce hero size (slightly). This will help give it a more DotA feel and balance. I have compared screen shots and the models definantly feel larger, that could be because of a slightly restrictive camera.

3) Reduce hero range / increase animation

Just something I noticed and wondered what people thought. Kinda getting old getting smashed without the opportunity to back from it.