View Full Version : [Remake] Main "gripes" with HON

11-20-2010, 01:57 AM
The mechanics behind the Remake option:

It should NOT require votes from the other team. 9 times outta 10 when a remake is called it is because of a DC right off the start. Of course the other team isn't going to vote to remake as they now have the advantage.

Slightly more xp/gold does not offset the 5v4 advantage against good teams. They can push/force the issue early and the massive ammount of early game DC'ing has ruined entire nights for me with back to back to back DC's.

To avoid this from being abused just reduce the time limit on the remake option. Instead of 7 minutes make it like 3 minutes. MOST of these DC's come within the 1st minute of the game anyways.

The Chat:

The two sides should NOT be allowed to talk to eachother. EVERY single game always has that one guy on the losing side who decides to play kiss-ass to the other team. Half the time when a player does poorly the rest of the team spends the rest of the game smack talking their own teammate in all chat to the other team. This crap is just stupid and encourages the douchebag persona of the HON player base.


Again this should take 4/5 on a team to occur not the entire 5. Every game has that douche bag who just wants to grief his own team and refuses to concede making everyone waste 30+ more minutes in the game. 9 times outta 10 this douche bag is the early game feeder with the 0-10 record in the game. If 4/5 of the team wants to concede that should be more than a fair majority. The current system allows one to grief four and its dumb dumb dumb.

"Noob" Games:

You guys have EasyMode and all these other modes. Why not also have a "noob" option. It's just SILLY how many people with 500+ games spend their days farming the games with noob in the title or even make games with noob in the title to sucker in new players. One should be able to add a query for games played etc to help eliminate these pricks.

Trading Players:

Another way players can grief someone (I'll admit I've even done it a few times for a laugh =/ ) If someone requests a trade from you and then someone else also does you can trade one person then dick over the other guy as his trade request is still open and possibly send him a hero he didnt ask to trade for.

For the record ... I love HON! Keep up the good work!

11-20-2010, 03:11 PM
Ok. Good gripes but all of the posts here need to have a poll. This isn't a suggestion at all until u add an implementation ya dig? Still, nice points.

As for the noob that chats, easy to fix. Just implement a team vote silencing that player.