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11-05-2010, 10:53 AM
Originally posted by [S2] Fielding
We want to maximize your fun-per-minute!... we just want to make sure that if a game is long, it's due to intense battles the whole way through from evenly matched teams, not because each team decided to play it safe and turtle/farm for 60 minutes... We want to encourage player vs player engagements over an excess of farming/PvE engagements.

All of these statements ring alarm bells in my head when I think of heroes like Wildsoul. Heroes that require farming the jungle for the initial portion of the game just make games longer. That's why I believe that this style of hero is very outdated for the direction S2 is taking with HoN and requires altering to fit the new 'State of the Game'.

Here I am going to propose what I believe is a possible direction to take without ruining the niche that Wildsoul offers (to show what I altered in each skill I highlighted them green):

Summon Beardulon (Q)
Cast Time: 1.0 Seconds
Mana Cost: 75
Cooldown: 180.0 / 160.0 / 140.0 / 120.0 Seconds

Summons Beardulon at Wildsoul's location. Beardulon cannot be summoned if he is currently active.

Beardulon has the ability to carry items and will retain even after he dies. Leveling this skill will improve Beardulons stats and skills. Cannot attack if Beardulon is greater than 925 units away from Wildsoul.

-Level 1, 800 Health, 28-38 damage, 310 ms.
-Level 2, 1000 Health, 35-42 damage, 315 ms.
-Level 3, 1200 Health, 40-46 damage, 320 ms.
-Level 4, 1400 Health, 46-50 damage, 325 ms.

Bash (Q) (A combination of 'Demolish' and 'Entangling Claws')
Much like how Chronos' 'Curse of Ages' works, 'Bash' would have 5 charges and drop a charge every time Beardulon attacks. While Beardulon has at least 1 charge, he deals additional damage vs buildings.
Cooldown: 8/6/4/2 seconds
+10/20/30/40% damage vs buildings
Snares for 0.5/1/1.5/2 seconds

Wild (W)
The reason why I believe it would be more beneficial for 'Wild' to be on Beardulon would be that it offers a variety of utility within Wildsoul's main skill.
Applies 'Wild' to Wildsoul and Beardulon for 6 seconds.
Cooldown: 30/24/18/12 Seconds

Wild Effects
10/20/30/40 Attack Speed
10/15/20/25% Movement Speed

Ferocity (E)
This skill will provide Wildsoul fantastic lane presence but only takes effect after Wildsoul levels 'Ferocity'.
Each time Beardulon attacks he intimidates the enemies around his target. Each attack stacks a debuff that reduces armor by 0.1/0.2/0.4/0.6 with a maximum of 5 stacks.

Rend (W)
Cast Time: 1.0 Seconds
Range: 600
Mana Cost: 105/125/145/165
Cooldown: 16/13/10/7 Seconds
Wildsoul throws his dagger with great force at his target that makes them bleed. Applies 'Rend' to target for 1.5 seconds.

'Rend' Effects
30/40/50/60% Movement Slow
70/90/120/150 Physical damage per second

Ferocity (Q)
This skill is required for Beardulon to apply ferocity to his targets, and does not apply an individual debuff but rather provides another source for the debuff.
Applies a stacking debuff to enemy heroes within a 300 radius of the target of your attacks, that decreases armor.

'Ferocity' Effects
-0.1/0.2/0.4/0.6 Armor per charge, max 5 charges.

Bear Form (R)
This ability still provides Wildsoul with his survivability but also promotes his team fight presence.
Cast Time: 0.8 Seconds
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 36/24/12 Seconds
Can only be cast when Beardulon is active. Applies 'Leader of the Pack' to self and Beardulon and to Allied Heroes within 500 radius. While in Bear Form Wildsouls attacks are Melee range.

'Leader of the Pack' Effects
+4/6/8 Armor
+33/66/100% Slow Resistance

Remember that this is just what I believe Wildsoul needs and as always needs fine tuning or complete dismissing, just let me know what you guys think about what Wildsoul needs :)

v0.2 - Reduced the amount of armor reduction applied by 'Ferocity'.

11-05-2010, 11:13 AM
Overpowered, to say the least? ;)

11-05-2010, 11:32 AM
Is the melee range 100 or 128 (or anywhere inbetween)?

Also, the -armour stack seems hella strong.

11-05-2010, 01:51 PM
The main idea I wanted to portray was to keep Wildsouls pushing power with beardulon but also offer lane presence because he has next to none :/ also ferocity paired up with beardulon offers a great counter to tri-lanes. Please let me know what to nerf here, like reducing the amount of armor reduction, etc.
Also, Bear Forms melee range is unchanged and what it is normally.