View Full Version : [Gameplay] Wish regarding unpause.

10-18-2010, 05:49 PM
I'd like to see the time before the opposing team can unpause increased. I have no suggestions regarding how much, but seeing the sportsmanship in this game (especially low tier games) is (usually) not existant I want it increased.

Yes, this is a ragethread. But I've thought about this before. I just lost a game because our teammate had to go AFK and the other team unpaused it twice. I won't say we would have won even if our teammate was there but I think we would have a better chance atleast.

I dunno, I shouldn't take games this serious.. I know it was just one game out of many. But it happens more than once every year.

For those who will answer "get better and you'll have a better experience"
I can't get better rating cause I am not a good player, I won't rise to 1800+ where I assume the sportsmanship is better, maybe it isn't.. but I'd like to think the high tier of the community to be more understanding and in general smarter people. Since all pro's seems to get high rating and that they don't seem to enjoy stat-building as much as the newbs on the bottom (like myself).