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08-31-2009, 06:31 PM
Particle Monk


Speed: 310
Range: Melee
Affiliation: Legion
Primary Stat: Intelligence

Sound & Visual Design
Model: A Shao-lin style monk in grey robes with black and white detailing
Sound: A calm, serious voice. Throw in a couple Buddhist phrases.

Yuan Zi was raised in a secretive, remote temple, established long ago in order to preserve and protect unearthed knowledge from ancient civilizations. The foremost of these rediscovered knowledges were the practice of meditation, the practice of honing one's mind to increase awareness, and the science of Physics. Through vigilant meditation the monks of the temple were not only able to harness their latent magical powers, weak as they were, but were able to hone their abilities to such a fine extent that they could affect the very particles of all existence.
Yuan Zi was a prodigy amongst his peers, and was chosen to venture out into the world to find more worthy disciples to bring to the temple. In his quest he stumbled into the conflict between the Legion and the Hellbourne. Forced to choose a side, where he would have preferred neutrality, he decided to aid the Legion, whose values seemed to cause less suffering than those of the Hellbourne.
In Battle Yuan Zi, the Particle Monk, is a fierce warrior. Able to freely manipulate positive and negative charges he will no doubt be a valuable asset to the Legion as the war progresses.

Strength: 17 (+1.5)
Agility: 19 (+2.0)
Intelligence: 19 (+2.5)


Natural Charge (Starting Ability)
The Particle Monk may choose at will to gather positive or negative charges within himself, or to remain neutral.

Mechanics: Natural Charge may be set to positive, negative, or off (neutral). While Natural Charge is activated (set to positive or negative), if the Particle Monk makes a successful basic attack against an enemy unit (non structure), that unit gains a Positive or Negative Charge Counter (Corresponding to the Particle Monk's current Natural Charge). A unit may only have 3 Charge Counters of a single type (positive or negative). If a unit with one or more Charge Counters gains a Charge Counter of the opposite type, one of its current Charge Counters is removed instead.
(Example: A unit with two negative Charge Counters is hit by a basic attack from the Particle Monk, whose current Natural Charge is positive. The unit would now have one negative Charge Counter)
When a unit gains a Charge Counter, a 30 second countdown begins. When that countdown reaches 0, one Charge Counter is removed from that unit and the countdown resets if there are any more Charge Counters on the unit. When a unit gains (or would gain and is at maximum charge) another Charge Counter, the countdown is reset to 30.

Visual: The Icon for Natural Charge would be simple, displaying either a + or -. To swap between + or - mode one could left click on the icon, or press "t". To deactivate the ability (to go neutral), the player would right click on the icon, or press "alt" and "t". The animations on the Particle Monk would be a black or white glow, on the target white or black orbs would swirl around them indicating the number of charges.

Fatal Attraction
The Particle Monk fills his limbs with his Natural Charge as he strikes, blasting away foes who have accumulated an opposite charge.

Mechanics: When activated, Fatal Attraction boosts damage and adds knockback to the Particle Monk's basic attacks against units who have Charge Counters opposite of the Particle Monk's current Natural Charge. Fatal Attraction drains mana for each attack made.

1. +20 Damage, 150 Knockback, 25 mana
2. +40 Damage, 175 Knockback, 30 mana
3. +60 Damage, 200 Knockback, 35 mana
4. +80 Damage, 225 Knockback, 40 mana

Visual: A shock wave radiates from each point where the Particle Monk's fists strike on his target.

Magnetic Pulse
The Particle Monk activates the Natural Charge of his body to repel those of the same charge, and attract those with opposite charge.

Mechanics: Magnetic Pulse targets a unit with a range of 800, affecting the target depending upon the target's Charge Counters. A target with no Charge Counters is not effected. A target with one or more Charge Counters opposite of the Particle Monk's current Natural Charge is pulled towards the Particle Monk while targets with Charge Counters the same as the Particle Monk's current Natural Charge are pushed away from the Particle Monk. One Charge Counter is removed from the target after the spell is resolved.

1. 600 Range, Pushed/Pulled 400 Units, 100 mana, 10 second CD
2. 700 Range, Pushed/Pulled 450 Units, 125 mana, 8 second CD
3. 800 Range, Pushed/Pulled 500 Units, 150 mana, 6 second CD
4. 900 Range, Pushed/Pulled 550 Units, 175 mana, 4 second CD

Visual: The animation would be one of the orbs circling the target blasting towards or away based on its relative direction to the particle monk and pulling the target along with it.

Magnetic Field
The Particle Monk fills the air and ground of an area with his natural charge, slowing enemies with the opposite charge.

Mechanics: Magnetic Field is a channeling spell that targets a 500 AOE with a range of 700 units. Magnetic Field affects units in the AOE depending on the unit's Charge Counters. All enemy units in the AOE gain a Charge Counter of the type of the Monk's current Natural Charge every 2 seconds. A unit with one or more Charge Counters opposite of the Particle Monk's current Natural Charge are slowed based on the number of Charge Counters they have (note these slowed units are having one of their Charge Counters removed every 2 seconds, because they are gaining a Charge Counter of the opposite type).

1. 15% slow per charge, 125 mana, 20 Second CD
2. 20% slow per charge, 150 mana, 15 Second CD
3. 25% slow per charge, 175 mana, 10 Second CD
4. 30% slow per charge, 200 mana, 5 Second CD

Visual: The animation would be the whole AOE glowing black or white (based on the Particle Monk's natural charge). Units with charges of the opposite type would have those charges pulled to the ground and dragging.

Ultimate: Neutrality
The Particle Monk brings charged units around him to neutrality by wracking their bodies with energies of the opposite types of their charges.

Mechanics: Neutrality affects an area around the Particle Monk. All units in the AOE with Charge Counters have their Charge Counters removed and suffer damage and a cumulative stun for each Charge Counter they had.

120 Second Cooldown
500 AOE around Particle Monk

1. 100 Damage and .5 second Stun per Charge, 250 mana
2. 150 Damage and .75 second Stun per Charge, 350 mana
3. 200 Damage and 1 second Stun per Charge, 450 mana

Visual: The animation would be each charge on the enemies in the AOE exploding into a black/white lightning, damaging and holding the unit.


Natural Charge: The Particle Monk's automatic ability allows him to get Charge Counters on enemies by attacking them in melee. Works fine against melee heroes but not effective against ranged. Needed for the rest of his abilities.

Fatal Attraction: Great for dominating melee heroes. Requires the target to have Charge Counters, so it can't be used without preparation. Charge Counters on the target will quickly be removed with each hit, so quick manipulation of Natural Charge is needed to get Charge Counters back on and continue to use Fatal Attraction.

Magnetic Pulse: Magnetic Pulse is a versatile spell allowing the Particle Monk to better chase and retreat. However, it also requires Charge Counters on the target and thus requires preparation. It has good synergy with Fatal Attraction, allowing the Particle Monk to pull enemies into melee range.

Magnetic Field: Magnetic Field enables the Particle Monk to get Charge Counters on ranged enemies. It also gives the Particle Monk a good team spell, though he has to cast it twice for it to be effective (first to get the counters on the enemies, second to slow them).

Neutrality: Neutrality is a very powerful spell balanced by the need for Charge Counters on its targets and the small AOE centered around the Particle Monk.

09-01-2009, 08:10 AM
No interest what-so-ever?

09-01-2009, 08:29 AM
I like him, but he would most definately need to have a note saying (ONLY FOR EXPERIENCED PLAYERS) because he would require quick hands and thinking in a gank.

09-01-2009, 09:53 AM
The requirement for setting up charges (in addition to having 5 skills? how would that work?) to do anything pretty much requires the use of an item like assassin's shroud to get close enough to start hitting them. Careful players, or any ranged heroes will make quick work of you from a distance leaving you out of anything useful. Especially as an int hero your scaling to end game will be complete garbage. Interesting concept, but not all that useful imo.

09-01-2009, 12:20 PM
Good Points, though his Magnetic Field and Magnetic Pulse allow him to close distance on ranged heroes. Its such an obvious point, but the fact that he has 5 abilities just hit me. Perhaps ill combine his automatic starting ability with his first ability "fatal attraction" making it a passive that allows you to add Charge Counters with melee attacks.

09-01-2009, 01:20 PM
I already posted why I liked this hero in an earlier thread. My only complaint is natural charge not being a normal ability and Magnetic Field being a geninuely uninteresting skill and I stand by these points. T-UP