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Thanks to Lethe for format. Compared to other formats I've tried, this one is more textual which is good since I hate working with images.

I intend to eventually write lots of hero guides. I'm aware that I originally said I was doing Dark Lady or Torturer guide first, but I have a profound mental image of a solid Pyromancer guide. And so it begins...


1. Pyro vs Lina

Comparison of Pyromancer and his DotA original. I will (try to) avoid any sex jokes or comments about beards.

i) Direct Changes from DotA
ii) Indirect Changes from DotA

2. The Hero

i) Hero Analysis
ii) Pyromancer's Skills and Analysis

3. Skill Build(s)

I will run the gamut of viable (read: not outclassed) skill builds for Pyromancer. Each build has their pros and cons and you will generally alter your skill order due to where you fall into your team's lane setup.

i) Standard
ii) Dual Stun
iii) Early Fervor
iv) Honorable Mention

4. Item Build:

i) Core Build/Order
ii) Luxuries
iii) Rejected Items

5. Soloing with Pyromancer:

See title.

6. Laning with Pyromancer:

Could've called this "Dual Stun for Dummies", but meh.

7. Last, but not least:

i) Strong Allies
ii) Replays
iii) Final Thoughts


Pyro vs Lina

Before I get into the heat of things (hurr durr fire puns in a Pyromancer guide), I'd like to take a moment to educate the reader (you!) on some differences between Pyro and his DotA forebearer. Credit goes to Vodka for the HoN changelog below (note to non-beta testers: all changes before 1.03 took place before you started playing HoN):

:pyro: Pyromancer:

Cast time of Wave reduced from 1700(ms) to 1400(ms), impact time unchanged.

Dragonfire cast action time reduced from 1000 to 450, added a 0.5s delay on the impact.

Fervor gives passive cast speed and AS/MS for 5 seconds after casting a spell.
Level 4 ult had damage reduced by 100.

Base int increased by 5, base damage unchanged.

Blazing Strike cannot be avoided by teleporting.

Fervor passively lets autoattacks and spells place a 1/2/3/4 dps magic dot on their targets.
Fervor no longer propagates to illusions

Phoenix wave can now be targetted on units and on the ground.

As you can see all of the changes to Pyromancer over HoN's lifespan are either bug/consistency fixes or buffs; no real nerfs. Implies a balanced hero, I suppose.

Direct Changes from DotA

The lovely Lina of DotA fame is stronger than Pyro in a few ways. Her Fervor is at all ranks 10% stronger in terms of the +IAS% you get per spellcast. Her stun cools down three seconds faster than Pyromancer's, and at Rank 1 of her ult, she has an impressives 35s lead after that first Laguna Blade (Blazing Strike) due to, again, cooldown advantages. At least the other ranks are unbuffed, I suppose.

Pyromancer's saving grace? He gets a 1/2/3/4 Magic DPS DoT for 3 seconds (4/8/12/16 Magic damage total) applied to all of his autoattacks/spells when he skills up Fervor. The low numbers are balanced by the abliity of Fervor's DoT to stack endlessly. I will explain the significance of this a bit later; for now, tell a weary goodbye to the beautiful lady with the beter cooldowns and sexy +10% IAS. You won't be seeing her again. :pyro:

Bonus: Pyromancer's Fervor also improves his cast rate by 20/30/40/50% per rank. This goes well with his slow AoE stun.

Indirect Changes from DotA

Before you get too down about being stuck with Pyro and his slow cooldowns (comes with age) and uglier visage, I request you admire some of Pyro's best-fit items that are either weaker or nonexistant in DotA:
:TabletOfCommand: has a 14s cd in HoN, -6s from DotA's 20s cd on Force Staff. This item provides +6/6/16 STR/AGI/INT in HoN instead of +10 Damage/IAS/INT in DotA. Stats > DPS for Pyro who is a caster not a carry. HoN's ToC is also 60g cheaper and has a better build up.
Striders are dirt cheap (300g recipe + Boots) and provide +150 ms in "non-combat" situations. Helps with ganking/positioning/landing Dragonfire which is what Pyro is all about. The 650/700g you save from not going Treads/Phase can be put to use by buying other items.
Chalice, the most broken item ever to grace HoN, provides a mindnumbing amount of mana regeneration (4.4 mana per second if you use every 35s, very practical) for no real disadvantage with an excellent buildup and stats. A must-have on almost every hero in the game and a godsend on heroes like Pyro who have actual mana problems. For only 650g, this item hardly resembles DotA's Soul Ring which is not only worse in every conceivable way but also 225g more expensive. </end rant>
I will elaborate on all of these treasures more later in the Items section. Just know that, thanks to HoN's new and improved item options, Pyromancer is hot stuff (sigh).

The Hero

See this link for all of the basics concerning Pyromancer and his skills that I could waste time making copypasta of. Note that the page is actually up to date, suprisingly; most of the hero pages are off in some way. Ahem:

Hero Analysis

Pyromancer is a nuker/ganker hero, an almost stereotypical INT hero with a few notable traits. He has decent starting STR, terrible STR growth, bad starting agility/growth and very high starting INT/growth. By 25 he'll have impressive mana/mana regen/damage but poor Armor/IAS/HP. His MS is a bit below average (300) at 295 although Fervor helps with this a little. His stun works best with an allied stunner leading the kill attempt due to its cast time.

All of Pyro's three nukes deal flat Magic damage. The only scaling they have comes from their spell ranks (thus, Pyro's levels) His Fervor gives him limited carrying potential; do your 1-2-3 nuke combo and you're suddenly operating with +150 IAS and +15 MS for 6 seconds. I'm not going to recommend you stack Damage items and right click your way to victory, but keep in mind that Pyro's good INT growth (and thus Damage) is not wasted on him.

So Pyro is basically a glass cannon nuker. This is a very offensive hero with a pretty unreliable escape mechanism (delayed AoE stun) and crappy Armor/HP, but with massive Magic damage potential and a bit of fluency in physical DPS thanks to Fervor.

Skill Analysis

Phoenix Wave: "Deals 100 / 170 / 230 / 280 Magic damage to each target in a line." as HoN's description adequetly puts it. This nuke provides for Pyromancer reliable AoE damage/farming/pushing. Probably the most important things to understand about Phoenix Wave is how the numbers powering it compare to Dragonfire. Phoenix Wave deals more damage at lower ranks, but ties with Dragonfire in terms of Magic damage at Rank 4. Phoenix wave also gains more mana cost per rank than Dragonfire, with both beginning at 90.

All of this "trivia" will tie into how we skill up Pyromancer, which I'll get to later. Last word on PW; it's great for farming, and will help you get the items you need to make the other team burn up.

Dragonfire: AoE stun that deals 90 / 150 / 210 / 280 Magic damage and stuns each target in the radius for 1.6 seconds. WIth a range of 600 and AoE of 200, a money shot from Dragonfire could effectively hit from 800 yards away. However thanks to that cast time on Dragonfire (as well as it's 0.5s delay) landing a stun like that on a moving target is impractical. Landing Dragonfire is basically the key to playing Pyromancer as it is the most skill intensive task required of this hero. Outside of not feeding, of course.

Proper timing of Dragonfire will be elaborated on later. For now, stun after this :magm: guy does. Or maybe this guy :hamm:. Perhaps even a stray :blac:. Easy. One last note about Dragonfire: the stun duration is a constant 1.6s at all ranks.

Fervor: Passive skill that grants Pyro +20/30/40/50% IAS and +2/3/4/5% MS per spell you cast for 6 seconds. Also passively gives Pyro 20/30/40/50 Cast Speed and attaches a 1/2/3/4 Magic DoT to his spells/attacks that lasts 3 seconds and stacks endlessly. Worldwide leading cause of Carrymancers, shorthand term for pubs who farm DPS items on Pyro and piss away PSR on novelty.

The seductive numbers on this skill whisper "DPS" softly into your ear, I'm sure. But in reality Fervor is just kind of an afterthought of a skill that is still superior to Attribute Boost unless you are like, uh, 0-12 with an embarassing lack of farm (35 minute boots maybe, shoutout to "TheVoices" on :plag:). "Early Fervor" builds get ragged on a lot but are viable in certain situations if you know what you are doing. To be expanded on later, of course.

Blazing Strike: Simple "lol u dead" ult. Single target nuke that deals a ton (weighing in at 450/675/950) of Magic damage with a crazy mana cost at higher ranks and very long cooldown at lower ranks. Common stereotype associated with this skill is the KS'ing Pyro of pubfame. He ult steals a kill from his team's hard carry, say, Chronos when the enemy hero had 100 or so HP, then goes back to nuking waves where Chronos is farming. Maybe you've played as this Pyro before.

Well tbh KS'ing is bad but Blazing Strike is commonly used a finisher for a reason. Blowing your ult just so that a target can live is frusterating. I recommend that, in isolated ganks on carries with strong escape mechanisms and such, you hold back on Blazing Strike unless you are sure of a kill. Never worth burning BS on what was either already going to be a successful gank or what is an extremely farmed Magebane who is just going to Blink away laughing.

In team fights you should run with a different mentality; ult squishy heroes, especially squishy carry heroes. Or just ult someone who needs to die. Do it quickly before this old man has a heart attack or gets focused and raped in less than 3 seconds thanks due to that terrible HP/Armor I keep mentioning.

This ability can be boosted by Staff of the Master. It gains +200 Magic damage (regardless of rank) but is otherwised unchanged. SotM will be mentioned later, as with oh so many things...

Skill Build(s)

As I said in the Table of Contents, there are a few goods ways to skill up Pyro. I'll explain my reasoning and such so that nobody is left curious as to why I didn't go Fervor/Stats.


1. Dragonfire
2. Phoenix Wave
3: Phoenix Wave
4: Dragonfire
5: Phoenix Wave
6. Blazing Strike
7. Phoenix Wave(maxed out)
8-9. Dragonfire (maxed out)
10: Fervor
11: Blazing Strike
12-14: Fervor (maxed out)
15: Attribute Bonus
16: Blazing Strike (maxed out)
17-25: Attribute Bonus

Explanation: If you watch most players (who aren't Brazilians) play Pyromancer you will see them follow this build. Stun is taken at Level 1 so that you can be of use in first blood attempts and such. If there is one on you Dragonfire is your best change at surviving but you're still probably going to die, np.

Flat Magic damage nukes are at their best early on which is why Pyro is leveling up his nukes asap. With this build, you opt to rank up Phoenix Wave over Dragonfire due to its reliability. Dragonfire is slow enough to make missing it on moving targets do-able. Hitting Phoenix Wave is child's play, so it's essentially guarenteed damage.

As I said earlier, Fervor increases Pyro's overall damage output and is superior to stats. It is not taken before Level 10 due to the flat scaling of Dragonfire/Phoenix Wave. Blazing Strike is well, Blazing Strike. Fun to use, powerful to behold, 6/11/16 or gtfo.

This is Pyro's most versatile build, really, but other builds can work better in certain situations. I recommend this build when solo'ing a 1v2 lane or dual laning with a hero who is either not a standard setup stunner like :blac::behe::hamm::magm: or not a good/trusted player.

Dual Stun

1. Dragonfire
2. Phoenix Wave
3: Dragonfire
4: Phoenix Wave
5: Dragonfire
6. Blazing Strike
7. Dragonfire(maxed out)
8-9. Phoenix Wave(maxed out)
10: Fervor
11: Blazing Strike
12-14: Fervor (maxed out)
15: Attribute Bonus
16: Blazing Strike (maxed out)
17-25: Attribute Bonus

Mirrors the "Standard" build except now you are leveing your stun first instead of your Wave. I prefer this build for laning with friends who are playing common "I stun first." heroes. If you look at the mana/dmg numbers of PW/DF, you'll see that:

Dragonfire starts with 30 less dmg than PW, but gains more damage per rank and ties with PW at 280 Magic damage Rank 4.
Dragonfire gains 5 less mana cost per skillpoint than PW. Every bit counts with an ult as mana intensive as Blazing Strike.
So this build is optimized for dual stuns, basically. You aren't going to miss Dragonfire if your ally stuns first...right?

Early Fervor

1. Phoenix Wave
2. Fervor/Dragonfire
3: Phoenix Wave
4: Fervor/Dragonfire
5: Phoenix Wave
6. Blazing Strike
7. Phoenix Wave(maxed out)
8-10. Fervor/Dragonfire(Fervor maxed out by 10)
11: Blazing Strike
12-14: Dragonfire(maxed out)
15: Attribute Bonus
16: Blazing Strike (maxed out)
17-25: Attribute Bonus

Specialized/experimental build designed for a solo Pyro who is versing a single hero. The builds layout is a bit misleading so I will explain what I am saying with all the /Dragonfires. Basically in a 1v1 mid it can be hard to land your stun on an aware opponent, even with S cancels. Fervor on the other hand assists you in a solo lane whenever you attack a hero (DoT useless for last hitting, sorry) or Phoenix Wave.

By skilling Fervor early you give yourself an advantage in physical harassment against both heroes who can trade attacks with you (ranged heroes) and heroes who cannot (TB, MQ, melee heroes). Fervor adds up quickly and also prevents that SS or whoever from chugging Bottle inbetween your hits. In standoffs over runes/what not this can make all the difference.

Dragonfire is nice for ganking sidelanes however and isn't impossible to land 1v1, but it's never really guarenteed. So just pick it up whenever you feel you're up to the task of landing it, and save ranking it up for 12-14 since the damage is unreliable.

I encourage you to mid with this build sometime just to try it. Don't like it? Go back to soloing with the Standard build.

Honorable Mention

1. Fervor
2. Dragonfire
3: Fervor
4: Phoenix Wave
5: Fervor
6. Attribute Boost
7. Fervor
8-9. Attribute Boost
10-11. Blazing Strike
12-13. Attribute Boost
14. Phoenix Wave
15. Attribute Boost
16. Blazing Strike (maxed out)


Item Build

Core Build/Orders

The most important things to have on Pyromancer are Striders, Chalice, Power Supply and/or Bottle. All of this is around 2000g (exact amount = 800 + 650 +600/603 = 2050/2053g. Afterwards, start working on a Portal Key, which costs more than all of those earlier items combined. Portal Key isn't luxury on Pyro, but rather delayed core.

Striders provide obscene MS for your buck. You don't need any other boots for reasons I will explain:

Steamboots are the slowest of Boots. The HP/mana is nice, the IAS is meh. Before Striders I recommended Steamboots -> Blink on Pyro after Bottle/Supply. Now I recommend you spend that 650g you save from going Striders instead of Steamboots on a Glowstone or something to make up for Striders lack of stats.
Enhanced Marchers are nice on Pyromancer for landing your Dragonfire...but Striders actually does this better for 700 less gold. +24 damage is nice for ez last hitting and works well on paper with the +IAS of Fervor, but isn't worth the 700g.
Plated Greaves are meh. Armor is good EHP but Pyro's EHP is low all around. Work on that HP before that Armor. This item is a bad fit for most heroes, tbh.
Post Haste are nice and all; fast movement, huge farming potential, ability to be anywhere. But...at what cost!? Well...you just pissed away your Portal Key money. Oops. Not worth considering, Pyromancer is a busy man who runs on a tight budget.
If you're in a dual lane should buy courier/wards for your team; standard setup is Legion bot courier, Legion top wards with wards going at top rune spot and top pull camp. Reverse for Hellbourne. If your team is meh and you have to pick between courier/wards, get courier regardless of lane.

Feel free to help your team with wards/support stuff along the way to Portal Key and earlier items beyond that initial 200g sacrifice but keep in mind you aren't Glacius; Pyro has mana/HP problems, a solid delay on his only "escape mek" and has minor semi-carry potential with Fervor. You're more Pebbles than Andromeda, tbh; a small amount of farm makes all the difference.

If you're solo'ing you'll want to let your allies do courier/wards. If they won't courier/ward buy courier (after you ask I guess) avoid *****ing about it, pubs will be pubs. Trust me all it does is piss people off. Anyways feel free to fly your chick sometime during the game's laning phase. Helps Glac get his boots, etc. etc.

You can do a few starting builds as Pyro for solo/dual (603 versus 403g) lanes. Everyone has their own starting item combinations. Basically I some mix of recommend:

Minor Totems, usually two to go into Supply but you can get like, four or so + hp regen for sidelanes.
HP regen, both blights and potions are good. Blights are better for controlling a lane with autoattacks (you trade hits with 600 ranged so your Hammer can both farm now and stun/kill later) and HP pots are better for oh **** oh **** situations while restoring more HP per gold anyways. I get one of each in most builds.
If you have 603g, getting a Crushing Claw and Mark of the Novice is good early so you can work into that imba Chalice.
Dual lane Pyros should usually build like this orderwise:

Chalice -> Marchers -> Striders -> Supply, Mana Battery timing depends on enemy matchup. If you are up against TB/Arma get Mana Battery before Chalice, dual stun get Mana Battery before Marchers, and if you're not up against much for spell casts just get Supply after Striders.

You can buy most of this in a sideshop, do so that your courier isn't pointlessly tied up.

Then wards -> Portal Key, see luxuries section if you get some cash.

Solo lane Pyros should usually build like this orderwise:

Finish Chalice with courier, then ferry your Bottle, then your Marchers then your Striders then work on key and chip into wards if needed.

If you don't fk up you should have some money since you solo'd, so luxuries are expected.

Luxury Items

Pyromancer farms/pushes well with Dragonfire/Phoenix Wave. Attack each creep in a wave once, combo your nukes and you have suddenly wiped it out and last hit every creep. Or just set up creeps for one of your nukes save mana. Or you can even stack camps then farm them with your nukes, finishing the job with Fervor attacks...

So luxuries should come to Pyromancers who avoid dying all too much. All about positioning really. There are a few I like on Pyromancer...

Kuldra's Sheep Stick: Your go-to luxury item. Helps you have mana to farm constantly with nukes while maintaining mana for Blazing Strike. #1 item of choice in most games, excellent against carries. Even works as a DPS item of sorts with +35 damage on it.

Frostfield Plate: Good against carries/physical teams. Another nuke, a good aura, good +Armor. Good luxury to follow up Kuldra with to boost your EHP.

Behemoth's Heart: :behe: approved item that works well after FF Plate and Kuldra. Most of my Pyro games follow that order of luxuries.

Other items that can work but are outclassed IMO include:

Hellflower, +DMG scales well with Fervor, Perplex/Silence useful against Hag, heroes with Geo, heroes with Kuldra, etc. Fixes mana problems. Good buildup but no HP makes Pyro a sad old man prone to feeding. Near 5000g for 0 HP is bad on a hero who is prone to death thanks to terrible EHP, meh run speed and no escape mek.
Nullstone, works well against a team with only a few single target skills and provides stats/mana. :swif::blac::arac: and such are countered by this item but you have to be careful for heroes that can burn Nullstone with skills that aren't worth blocking, such as a :witc: using Power Drain.
Assassin's Shroud is a fun pub item, outclassed by Portal Key on Pyro though since Pyro's skills don't interact well with that meaty +125 backstab like say, Gladiator's whip does. Good items for 1600- PSR games though on almost any hero and Pyro is actually above-average at using this item due to positioning needs lack of escape mek and inherent IAS which works well with the 34 damage...
Staff of the Master is okay on Pyro, very common in pubs but also dispised. It's a selfish pickup, best thing about SotM is the good stats/buildup, worst thing about it is that +200 on your ult is not impressing anyone really.
Harkon's Blade takes a Magic heavy hero and makes him even more Magic focused. Harkon's is meh on Pyro because, while -5 Magic Armor is cool, it provides no HP (just like Hellflower) and is actually a situational item for carries, not a luxury for your average INT. But I digress; Harkon's can work well after Hex in pubs. Be sure to hit an enemy hero once before you ult them if you go Harkon's.
And so on. I don't need to list every item in the game. Build what you know works and leave the Elder Parasite builds to the pros. :pyro:

Soloing with Pyromancer

Why solo a lane with this hero? BD drafts, player preference, quick PK and how well this hero scales with fast levels. Why not? Stun works best with setup, Pyro isn't a carry/too item dependent.

Pyro can work as a solo in both 1v1/1v2 lanes. 1v1 lanes are generally mid, 1v2 lanes generally take place bot with a jungle hero on your team like Tempest. You can either run the "Standard" (4 Wave/2 Stun/1 Ult @ 7) or "Early Fervor" builds I mentioned for solo lanes, but I find that Early Fervor is only useful in 1v1s as 1v2 lanes can double stun/kill you if you trade attacks and what not. I will try my best to describe some things you can do to improve your play overall...

Mid vs Mid as Pyro:

Buy your items, go to lane. Wait at Legion top rune or Hellbourne bot rune on those "safe hills". If you and your allies can grab a fast fb do so I guess, idk pre-start etiquette is hard to explain. If the first rune spawns and it is DD/Illu you have a strong advantage; otherwise, burn/grab the rune or let an ally do that.

At level 1 if you didn't get involved in a FB I recommend skilling up Phoenix wave first. Use PW for ck'ing against an opponent who is attempting to deny...basicaly, opponent is setting up to deny a creep and is in favorable timing/position, so you nuke it with PW and hit them for some damage. Common technique but effective at the start of any game. By using PW at Level 1, you run your mana regen as well and give yourself more spells overall.

If the enemy hero mid got DD/Illu, use PW on the illusions while grabbing a ck, or on the hero with dd to prevent a deny. One thing you can do is safely try to set up situations (standing 600 or so away from the creep line) where you can wave multiple CKs with PW. Do this if your opponent has DD, Illu or general control of the lane instead of losing out cks/cds.

Basically you should last hit/deny. Pyro has 600 range, average/high damage and so on. Work on timing your last hits and what not. Depending on how you are laned against you should play different...I'll go over some matchups and give you a brief play by play. Just telling you what to do won't do what example will...

vs :arac:, a ranged carry. Arachna players generally play like this: they abuse their superior damage/projectile speed to outck you, then kill you at 6. They will generally only control runes defensively or to screw you over; farming is their priority middle. To beat an Arachna player I encourage aggression as well as a rank or two in Fervor early for attack trade supremacy. Fast farm that Chalice, then Bottle, then Boots. Establish rune control by pushing the lane with Phoenix Wave as you near the 2:00 mark for rune spawn. Arach will be forced to lose XP/gold or give you the rune.

Your stun isn't very good against an Arachna who has solid control over their hero and her "orb walking" so don't embarass yourself. Trade attacks, prevent denies/harass with Wave. You can S cancel Wave to annoy/fake out Arachna, try it sometime. By the time she hits 6 you should have TP on you at all times. If you **** up and get ult'd without her being killable by a quick ult combo or what not, TP out. If she has DD, die, then blame your team for not warding. Life of a pro.

vs :madm:, a melee carry. He's going to be stalkin` up these parts, then maybe killing you with Barrel Roll. Control runes with nukes, Fervor optional and most importantly bring yourself a Sentry ward with your first 200. Do this against Night Hound by 6 as well, if you ever have the pleasure of midding against him.

Generally if you are against carries you want to focus on making their life hard with nukes/attacks. Ranged carries can return hits with you but you should come out on top if you Wave frequently; Pyro's mana pool is very top-heavy.

Kill opportunities become available at 6 in many lanes. Here are some rough numbers showing how much actual damage Pyro can do with his spells against one hero (factoring in 33% magic reduction):

Level 6 Pyro with 3 Wave 2 Stun 1 Ult = 230 + 150 + 450 Magic damage , 830 - 33% = 556 actual damage. Throw in a few attacks and you can do 700 damage quickly. Teach that :arac: that Phase Boots first were a bad idea against you, heh.
Level 9 Pyro with 4 Wave 4 Stun 1 Ult = 280 + 280 + 450 Magic damage , 990 Magic damage reduced to 663 damage. Goes up to about 800 with a few attacks.
And so on. Think before you burn to avoid overextending/wasting ult/burning out (HEH).
1v2s are all about surviving and scraping CS with Phoenix Wave. If you must, just leech EXP while that nasty dual stun lane farms, then get your Tempest to come kill those bastards. You can generally kill one at 6, even if they are at 5 or so from easily winning their lane. If your Tempest isn't doing ****, pull a swindlemelonzz and whine until he ganks. This one requires practice to perfect though (but also applies to any solo hero).

Regardless Pyro isn't Soulstealer. He's usually played in dual lanes for a reason. Just thought I'd teach you a few things so you can be selfish correctly.

Dual Laning with Pyromancer

Drafting is the first step. Your best friends are melee stunners who can setup Dragonfire. This is mindnumbingly obvious to most players but if you are new, forgive my insistence that everyone knows about hurp durp dual stun lanes.

I'll give you some icons to compensate for my arrogance: use heroes like :hamm::glac::blac::behe::poll::magm::fayd::witc::e lec::phar::andr::pest::pebb::vood::pand: with Pyromancer. Stuns > slows but most slows work fine if you can click on slow moving targets. Most people only go back after a Flick anyways and 200 Radius is pretty big since slowed heroes can only move 200 spaces or so in that cast time.

I recommend laning Pyro with a melee hero instead of another ranged INT, since the lane is just about as strong and not quite as gankable/squishy. Tips for you and your partner (please take out of context):

Game plan is to get Chalice on both stunners, then dual stun until your enemies disconnect. Go for free kills on support. If you can't kill anyone, focus carries to harass their farm. Chronos can't farm if he has no HP/mana from being stunned over and over.
Tell your allied Hammer not to get Hatchet. Don't take any cks until he gets Chalice in exchange. Hatchet is a waste of gold for offensive lanes; as an offensive hero, you make a lane offensive by throwing Pyro in it.
You can use PWs on multiple low HP creeps even in a sidelane to get some gs, but be careful as pushing lanes is bad for Pyro. Kills are much easier for dual stuns if the enemy has less room to run and, moreover, Pyro is much easier to kill if he's far from his own tower.
Mid ganks can swing even the most one-sided dual stun lanes in favor of the opposition. Get your mid to call miss, pay attention to the map and so on. If you're losing your lane whine like swindlemelonzz until your mid saves the day.
Your stun timing is after the initial stun with a bit of leeway time (0.5s or so) for best results. Hammer stuns, you attack once then you stun, basically. Practice this for best results, to get a feel for things.
Don't miss stuns on frozen targets or you'll get *****ed at for all of eternity.
Attack trades are the key to getting kills. If you have a stronger lane than the enemy does, enforce this by trading attacks with the other ranged hero to weaken them for your melee stunner to intiate a kill later. HP regen is key here; enemy HP regen can prevent kills, yours can help you get them.
If your mid is losing you can solo a lane while your stunner ganks or you can go gank yourself. Your unreliable stun requires practice to hit however, so don't do that unless you have a mid who can set up your stun with a slow/stun of their own.
Strong dual stun lanes belong against the carry/babysit lane, also known as the long lane since your dual stun is going to be deeper in enemy territory than your other dual lane.
And so on. I'll expand/reformat this eventually probably.
That's about it for dual stun lanes really. After the lanes breakup work with your allies to gank heroes (especially squishes and carries). Be careful of tanky heroes like Pest/Balph/Hammer who can setup kills on you. Nuke down lanes/camps away from your carry to clip up some gold for your core build and then that hex down the road usually.

Burned out...

My backspace key is literally broken, I have to hit this nub over and over to correct mistakes. I'm tired, I've been working for 3 hours and the heat is getting to be too much for me. Hope you enjoyed the guide though, I will fix things up eventually but for now comment...