View Full Version : OK, NOW, I find out the problem.

09-16-2010, 11:52 PM

ok, now, I try to figure out the problem.
If the word is too long, like the final part of acc's skill, it will cause a problem. However, if you have a blank after each word, it will be GOOD.
The problem is the game will check autowarping or not when it meet blink.
Before 1.0.7, there is no problem. I think the game will check autowarping at each single word. For English, it will cause the problem like this.
turn to
So, now, it recognises a whole word as one word if it doesn't have a blink. For English, it's Ok. However, it is a disaster for other languages which don't need blink.
Due to this, I hope S2 could create a determine in the source programme to fix this problem once for all.
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