View Full Version : Looking for friendly clan/group for fun and somewhat competative games

08-28-2009, 11:11 PM
I have played DotA/HoN for about 2-3 years. I consider myself as a medium skilled player, I have never played competative(league) in DotA nor HoN but I've played a fair few nonpub teamgames in dota using voice communication.

I'd love to find a clan or group of people with the desire to play semi-competative games from time to time. I have a busy schedule some days but most likeley everything from 3-5 and sometimes 6-8 games a day is plausable.

I live in sweden wich is gmt +1.
My playtimes can vary from 12.00-18.00, 23.00-03.00 and so on.
Almost never between 19.00-23.00 (all times in gmt+1 timezone).

I am obviously fluent in swedish but I do fine in english altho i might stumble on words sometimes.

Im 21 years old and i'd like to play with people from 17-18-19y and upwards. maturity is key.
I want to play with people that are either dedicated learners or have a decent history of dota. My intention is not to become "elite" but just having a good time playing non-retarded games without feeders, flamers, noobs and in general unpleasant people.

The very reason im writing this is because all my friends that i usualy play with does not improve in their gameplay and it feels like they are dragging me down, in publics you are basicly rolling the dice about who gets the retard/beginner in their teams. As I stated earlier i consider myself a decent player and i have the will to learn more about the game, because it's really a whole science on its own.

My account ingame is ajz and if you'd want to contact me when im offline just send a pm here on the forums