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08-28-2010, 07:31 PM
One of the many things people say in all my travels and all i've seen is that they think that HoN is not newbie friendly. I agree, and I think I have a good idea that can help.

My proposal is that when you first create an account you're presented with the option to stay in a "practice" state or proceed straight to the regular ladder. If you stay in the practice state you get a stock number of games, say 25 games, before you are automatically put into the regular ladder.

While you are in the practice state you are only matched with people who are also in the practice state. Once you leave the practice state your account can NEVER return to the practice state and you are automatically placed in the regular ladder (or you have say 5 placement games).

The reason I observe this to be beneficial is that people who are new have to face people right away at 1500 rating. This is not necessarily a good idea as it not only aggrevates those at 1500 rating, but it's also unfair to the new player as they become rushed to learn the game.

The new practiced state will enable them to automatically find people of beginner status without having to work hard to find appropriate games.

09-01-2010, 06:04 AM
Yes, however, this is likely to be deleted as you didn't include a poll. Personally, I would stick it in Sandbox as there are hundreds of suggestions for reducing the learning curve that would go well with this.