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08-27-2010, 05:46 AM
Ex-DotA Carry Player, Known as Mars in DotA. Now K`oS in HoN. Played many years in Singapore

Boring Bio:
19 Year old chill professional gamer looking for legit players to win tournaments with. 2nd Year University at UofC in Calgary, Alberta. Therefore majority of the games will be played at USW.

Past Experience:

4-5 Years DotA
1-2 Years Asian Pro-Scene

HoN since retail
Ringer for known clans in Singapore

Reaseon I need players:

Moved to Canada for University, all my past clan mates still in Singapore. Therefore looking for 4 high tier players only Gankers and Supporters. Need knowledge of the game.

Need to play US Servers, if that will create lag please dont contact me.
If you are interested please contact me online, or respond to this thread.
Looking forward to destroying the HoN scene ;)

08-27-2010, 06:08 AM
Hey, are u EHOME.Mars in Garena and friends with EHOME.Kiss?

If you are, please contact me asap, I definately want to join your clan.

I used to play with EHOME.Kiss in Garena for 3 months before I moved to HoN.

I speak Chinese, so communication is not a problem =D.

08-27-2010, 06:31 AM
i pm'd you, let me know if u got it.

08-27-2010, 11:19 AM

I play support.

Relevant Pseudo-Resume`

DotA experience: 5 years in total. 3.5 years of high-level play (leagues). 2.5 years competitive play (team).

1. [iNi] Initial Gaming (sponsored) :: Duration: 5 months (2004-2005) :: Team Leader: LoVed :: Participated in CEVO-O and some other low-level tournaments without much to show for it.
2. [WNx] Warrior Nation (sponsored) :: Duration: 2 months (2005) :: Team Leader: n/a :: Transitional phase to better team
3. [Nyte] Clan Nyte :: Duration: 8 months (2006) :: Team Leader: War-Nyte :: Introspective clan that spent most time playing for fun and self-improvement
4. [sR -> i7 -> STFU] shadowRaze --> Immortal-7 (sponsored) --> STFU Gaming (sponsored) :: Duration :1.2 years (2008-2009) :: Team Leader: harismk --> INET :: Grand Champions of CEVO-O with an undefeated score of 11-0; participated in several Sunday cups for USA dota teams and placed in a variety of levels; scrimmaged with top american teams on a worthwhile level (common scrim teams include: FluffNStuff's team, UQ Gaming, [ML] Mainline Gaming, Blight gaming, JkPOP, Ancient, Black-_-, Korok's team, and some rare pro teams where we learned the most and lost decidedly.)

1. IHL East
2. DCi
3. DXD
5. Wxi (GGC Garena Professional League)
6. IHCS - 2 (GGC Garena Midskill Professional League)

HoN experience: A little over a year (account started 07-07-2009).

1. [QuC] Quality Control :: Duration: 1.5 months (2009) and brief participation in an attempt to revive the clan in 2010 :: Team Leader: Glorify :: First experience in competitive HoN until the clan disbanded.

I wish there were leagues... :c

Other Information:

Richard Daniel Kelley
Age: 19
Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
University: Georgia State University (GSU) -- Major: Computer Sciene -- Minor: Psychology -- Second minor: Creative Writing
Current Occupation: Paralegal
Stand-up comedy experience: None.
Bull-riding experience: None.
Instrumental experience: Percussion + vocals.
Grill experience: Flat iron.
Miscellaneous experience: Memorized Zelda Ocarina of Time for N64.

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Slight is awesome

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i'm interested. i sent you a PM