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The Giant

Speed: 280
Range: Melee
Affiliation: Legion
Primary Stat: Str

Sound and Visual Design
The Giant will be a huge avatar, about the same as Behemoth, only slimmer. He will look like a human wearing only a loincloth around his waist, concealing his most private parts. His body will extremely muscled, and filled with macho brown hair. His head will be decorated with a full grown beard and long hair.

His attack animations will consists of him hitting his enemies with his huge fists.

The war between the smaller folk has never cared the Giant that much. None of them every dared come up to him in his great mountains, and he was never disturbed. But as every other creature, the Giant needed company from time to time, and one day he went down from his mountain to greet the smallfolk of the nearest village. But what met him was only ashes, and the smiling face of the demigod The Trickster. Infuriated by the slaughter, the Giant tossed huge boulders after The Trickster. But they all missed, and the Giant pursued the Trickster for a long time. Still looking for the Trickster, the Giant joined Legion to bring destruction back upon the Trickster and his allies.

The role of the Giant is to be a semi-tank\carry\initiator. He will pose a mortal treat to the enemy team, while being able to take some serious damage before going down.

Strength: 21 + 2.5
Agility: 16 + 1.9
Intelligence: 12 + 0.8

__________________________________________________ _______________


The Giant tosses a ally onto a enemy hero, knocking it backing and stunning it.

Works almost as Pebbles Chuck, only that you cannot decide who toss, the nearest will be chosen, and you cannot toss enemies. Once chosen, you will be able to choose a enemy unit. Once chosen, the Giant will grap the nearest ally, may it be creep or hero, and toss him onto the chosen enemy. The chosen enemy will be knocked back, and stunned. The tossed unit will not suffer damage.

Skill Type: Active, Single Target
Manacost: 40
Cooldown: 11 9 7 5
Stun: 1 second
Knockback: 100 140 180 220
Toss Range: 500 550 600 650

1. Deals 1.0x his ordinary damage
2. Deals 1.5x his ordinary damage
3. Deals 2.0x his ordinary damage
4. Deals 2.5x his ordinary damage

Balance: This is his bread and butter-skill early on. It's perfect for harassing enemy heroes, and can be used both to get enemies away from, or towards your team if you are positioned well. The spell can only be used to launch friendly heroes into the fray of the fight. The drawback is the need for a friendly to use it and the occasional missfires when you toss the fragile nuker into the fray.

Visual: In one swift movement, the Giant grabs the nearest friendly and launches it towards the enemy at 522 movement speed. Instead of the curve of the Chuck spell, units being tossed will have the same curve as the Pharao missile.




The Giant challenges the first enemy that looks him in the eye.

Once cast, the first enemy who looks straight upon the Giant will be challenged, forcing them to walk towards the Giant until they reach him. While walking towards the Giant, the challenged unit will have reduced movementspeed and will be phased. While challenging, the Giant will stand completely still and wait for the enemy. The spell will not be cancelled if the Giant is stunned or silenced, but it will be canceled if the enemy hero is stunned. Can be cancelled if the Giant moves or casts anything else.

Skill Type: Active
Manacost: 100 110 120 130
Cooldown: 20 17 14 11
Stare Duration: 2 2 2 3 seconds
Stare Range: 600

1. 10 % Reduced MS
2. 15 % Reduced MS
3. 20 % Reduced MS
4. 25 % Reduced MS

Balance: A powerful disabler, but with need of excellent timing. The challenge also affects creeps, making it a realy hard spell to aim.The Giant will also be completely disabled during the Challenge, making it very situational. But once cast, it can be truely devastating if the enemy hero is slowed by other friendlies aswell. The spell does not work over ledges of any kind. Synergizes well with his ultimate.

Visual: The Giant stands completely still, until he meets the eyes of the enemy. Once the eyes are met, the Giant raises his hands and points towards the enemy until they reach him.


Inside the Fire


Giants are creatures of magic, and thrive around it.

For every spell cast.friendly and hostile, within a radius of the Giant, his damage and armor will increase. The buff stacks, and has no cap. Each individual buff has it's own cooldown. Giant's own spells does not apply.

Skill Type: Passive
AoE: 400
Buff Duration: 10 seconds.

1. Increase damage by 5 and armor by 0.5
2. Increase damage by 10 and armor by 1.0
3. Increase damage by 15 and armor by 1.5
4. Increase damage by 20 and armor by 2.0

Balance: This passive makes the Giant a regular beast in large teamfights where spells go flying around. If he is lucky, 10 spells can go off over a period of 10 seconds, and he will have 200+ damage and 20 armor. Although a realy powerful spell, the relativly low AoE makes it a dangerous one aswell. The Giant needs to be in the middle of the fight for it to be usefull, but while their he will become a constant danger and will need to be targeted.

Visual: While under the Inside the Fire buff, Giant's fist will glow red with fire.


Giant's Pit


The Giant stomps the ground with his feet, creating a huge pit.

Once cast, the Giant stomps, and the ground around him is lowered down. Every enemy unit within the area of the stomp will fall down into the valley themselves. While in the valley, the enemy suffers from a debuff, and the Giant gains a buff. It is possible to escape the Giant's Pit, but while walking up the sides of it, the enemy gains a tremendous movement speed reduction. There is no movement speed reduction when going into the valley.

Skill Type: Active, self AoE
Manacost: 200 250 300
Cooldown: 190 160 130
Cast Time: 1 second
Duration: 10
Uphill slow: 50 %.
Pit AoE: 600
Uphill range: 200

1. Enemies lose 35 % AS. Giant gains 50 % AS.
2. Enemies lose 50 % AS. Giant gains 75 % AS.
3. Enemies lose 65 % AS. Giant gains 100 % AS.

Balance: This is what makes the Giant a realy dangerous enemy. If casted correctly, it will trap every enemy hero within the Giant's Pit, making them face the dangerous Giant even if they want to or not. If they try to escape the Pit, they will suffer from a huge slow while walking uphill out of the Pit. The spell can be annhiliated if the Giant is silenced or stunned while performing his stomp.

Visual: The Giant jumps into the air, straining all his muscles into a huge stomp as he falls back into the ground.

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Interesting Idea, though some of the spells make me feel like its a mash-up of a few heroes, for example "Toss" Instantly makes me think of pebbles, while the MS reducer makes me think of Arac. The only question I have with this is, How would the pit work? Would you fall to the center and it be slanted down? Overall I like the concept and I hope to try it out eventually.

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While Toss is very resemblant of Pebbles, it's completely different in the sence that it's a knockback\stun single ranged attack, while Pebbles chuck is a Aoe damage spell. And the slow is completely different from the Arachna. Arachna is a slow on hit, while this is a slow-while-walking-towards-the-giant disable xD. And the Pit would work in the sence that, once created, everyone within the range of Pit will be in in, and will suffer from the Pit debuff. Once they try to run out of the pit, aka uphill, they will have severly reduced movementspeed while walking uphill, but in the centre of the pit. So basically, while in the Pit, you will suffer from a debuff while you hit, and another one when you try to escape the Pit, when you back uphill. I dont know if that made it any clearer, and the uphill section will only be 200 range wide, meaning that you will only suffer the debuff for 200 range if you walk in a straight line out of it. You can blink in and out of the Pit.

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Ah, well, now that you have put some more light on to the skills I would have to say....
YES! This is interesting and... possibly... annoying to the other team and that is what I enjoy :D

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And thanks Anari =)

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