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07-02-2010, 09:13 AM
-Homecoming stone transfer: eg, you buy a homecoming stone, use it but while channeling transfer it with something from your stash, you still port and have stash item but the homecoming stone is in your stash though it should have been used *(note that it doesnt have any charges and cannot be "used" but is still taking up a stash slot).
-Scouts ult symbol doesnt vanish when he cancels channel sometimes (symbol hovers above unit, can be pretty freaky when you are on 100 hp) *note i know symbol is an intended feature, i mean that: Scout targets someone to snipe, but cancels channel and runs off somewhere, but symbol remains above their head even though they arent being targeted
-Forsaken archers skeletons can be stored but i dont think the tool tip mentions this.

Just some things i have noticed that may need to be fixed. Also there was a game where scout sniped nymphora just as she ported away, she died in the fountain, not sure whether or not thats a glitch :P (technically when she ported it should have broken vision or disjointed, it was weird and i definitely didnt have any vision on her). Great game, keep up the good work. Also, if anyone else has noticed any bugs/glitches feel free to post them here :D i will find the match ids soon. not sure what this goes under though, it seems to be a mix of spells/abilities and exploits sort of (though im not sure if the homecoming stone is an exploit thing, it means you can have 6 items in the lane, eg boots 2x fort health pot mana pot and item X and still port)

07-02-2010, 09:15 AM
Oh and no lists in Bug Reports either, only 1 bug per thread as per sticky rules.

As far as I know, FA's skeletons tooltip *may* be the only valid bug in this thread. I doubt the Scout ultimate was a bug, but if you have the Match ID & timestamp to prove it, then prove it to me.

Repost those 2 bugs in individual threads if you wish.