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08-23-2009, 06:02 AM
Jester's Scepter (Or if it really has to have your name included, make it Netukka's Scepter of Trickery)

+25 Intelligence
+200% Mana Regen
+15 Damage
+Trickbind (Activable): Applies the Trickbind debuff to the enemy for 3 seconds.
-Trickbind: After 3 seconds, all spells and item abilities with a cooldown of 20 seconds or less will be placed on cooldown. Spells and item abilities with a longer cooldown than 20 seconds are unaffected.
800 Cast Range, 150 Mana cost, 50 Second cooldown

Approximated cost: 5200 Gold


Great Arcana (1675):
-Steamstaff (900)
-Apprentice's Robe (450)
-Scarab (325)
Stormspirit (2925)
-Neophyte's Book (1000)
-Manatube (875)
-Apprentice's Robe (450)
-Stormspirit Recipe (600)
Jester's Scepter Recipe (600)
(Its the old sheepstick recipe I know)

Recipe Effects:
+3 Intelligence
+25% Mana Regen
-20 Movement Speed
-10 Attack Speed

Goal of the item:

Ever had a situation where you awesomely controlled some hero near to death, only to have him escape at 10% health thanks to some help from his allies and a Portal Key/stealth skill/etc.? Not anymore! Stun a valkyrie for 3 seconds and trickbind him, afterwards he can mash E as much as he wants to and nothing will happen. Or even better, stun everyones favourite killstealing Scout and trickbind him, suddenly he wont be stealthing away anymore! Also, if you manage to hit it on an initiator before a teambattle, you'll either force him to go in or wait until his skills + Portal Key is ready. Other obvious uses include shutting down heroes with mid long cooldowns (10-20 seconds).


Is 3 second long enough for the debuff duration? Should it be 4? Maybe even 5? And is 20 seconds the magical number for the cooldown border? Should it be lower or maybe even higher? The cost is probably enough + the base stats arent too much.

Some might remember this as an old suggestion of mine which is improved now + the added poll. Do leave comments and vote!

08-23-2009, 06:57 AM
I hate to see the MS go, and the activated effect seems too flimsy and unreliable. Against some heroes the effect is balanced. Take Behemoth/Pyromancer for example; you might force them to use a spell inappropriately or lock down their combo, etc. but for the most part they'll probably do what they need to do before the scepter's effect will really matter. Against someone with 4 active abilities, 2-3 of which will most likely make it into the 20 second bracket you can probably totally screw them over which, in theory, could be too strong. It's extremely situational, really; but at least it brings something new to the table. I like it, but I'd want to see it in action before I could really make a decision. Is it worth taking this over Sheepstick?