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08-21-2009, 08:47 AM
The Time Creature
Lanaya Port

Speed: 305
Range: Ranged (140)
Affiliation: Legion
Primary Stat: AGI

Sound and Visual Design
Hes speech is gibberish only some real words can be recognized. He looks like a blue gooey human form, very crouched down, like the bell ringer of Notre Dame. He uses a golden pocket watch as his weapon and in his other hand he has a razor sharp minute hand.

When Aetas was a child he was a normal kid like any other, doing evrything his not supposed to.
If there was a sign that no walking on grass he wold do it. Once on when he was out in the woods looking for his lost ball, he heard a loud "CLANG" noise he turned and there was a machine like none other. There was a metal door and suddenly it opened. The inside of the machine was even more spectacular. There were all kinds of widgets and gizmos on the walls, but there was one switch that cought his attention immmediatly, not because of the switch appearance, but because of a sign written on it: "DO NOT PULL" and ofcourse... he pulled it. Nothing happened, frustrated from nothing happening Aethas started pulled the switch again and again and aagain and again. Suddenly the whole place trembled all the gizmos and widgets whirred and made odd sounds. Yes. It was a Time Machine. The shaking didnt stop, because Aetas had pulled it so many times it jsut went on and on from time to time.
All these changes in time, morphed Aetas' body blue, gooey not recognizable as a human eny more. Only his conscious was like one of a human and so he thought revenge on the one name he had seen in the time machine...
The Helllbourne.

He plays the same role as Lanaya GAnker/initator and master of mindgames

Strength 18 + 1.5 per level
Agility 23 + 2.7 per level
Intelligence 22 + 2 per level


Aetas is so skilled in bending time he can foresee an amount his enemies attacks he can also see when his opponent is vulnerable for extra power on an amount of attacks
BLocks a number of attacks depending on level and gives bonus damage on a number of attacks depending on level
Mana Cost: 75 on all levels
Cooldown: 16
Cast Range: self
Duration: 16 seconds
1. 20 bonus dmg for 2 attacks, blocks 2 attacks
2. 40 bonus dmg for 3 attacks, blocks 3 attacks
3. 60 bonus dmg for 4 attacks, blocks 4 attacks
4. 80 bonus dmg for 5 attacks, blocks 5 attacks
Balance: Pretty balanced like Refraction in DOTA
Visual: Shouldnt be a big, noticible thing, but a slight change in the heros appareance, like he puts his fingers on the sides of his forehead to think very ahrd after that a spark comes, because of so much thinking.
Direct HP Removal does not trigger refraction.
The instance blocking and damage bonus are independent of each other.
The status buff might take a while to dissapear after the charges are gone.
Only instances of more than 5 damage (after all reductions) will remove a charge.


Time slice

He uses his other weapon, the minute hand and slices a gap in time. He waits there for his enemy to come, when he comes out and attacks his attack is much powerful and he has the element of surprise wtih him.
Goes in a permanent invisibility and when she attacks from it she
does a bonus damage strike and reduces enemy armor for 10 seconds.
Mana: 50
Cooldown: 7 secs
1. 50 dmg -2 armor
2. 100 dmg -4 armor
3. 150 dmg -6 armor
4. 200 dmg -8 armor
Balance:Like Lanayas skill in DOTA
Visual: SLices with his mintue hand a gap like in paper and goes in it. WHen he attacks the bonus dmg is shown like a crit (floating)
Damage type: physical
Meld is broken by any action other than staying in position.
The bonus damage and armor reduction is only applied if Meld is broken by attacking a unit.
The armor debuffs don't stack with each other.
The invisibility comes from windwalk with a fadetime of 0.001 seconds.


Pock Etwa Tch fighting technique
Aetas uses his skill in Pock Etwa Tch fighting technique to lengten the range of his attacks and also hitting the enemy units behind her target.
Increases attack range depending on skill level dmgs enemies behind the target as well.
AOE:100 (width)/320 (length)
1. 40 Bonus Range, 320 Spill Range.
2. 100 Bonus Range, 320 Spill Range.
3. 160 Bonus Range, 320 Spill Range.
4. 220 Bonus Range, 320 Spill Range.
Visual: The string of the pocket clock lengthens per level, the clock itself gets bigger as it travels a distance and so hits enemies behind the opponent.
Damage type: pure
Spill damage hits invisible units.
Attack modifiers will only will be applied to the main target.


Time Trap
Aeatas creates a trap of time that only he can activate, after activation the trap slows the time around the enemies that got affected slowing their movement speed.
Slow nearby enemies when used by 50% at all levels.
Mana: 15
Cooldown: 11/9/7
AOE: 400
1.50% slow on activation, Max 5 Traps
2.50% slow on activation, Max 8 Traps
3.50% slow on activation, Max 11 Traps
Visual: an outline of a pocket watch on the ground
Traps last indefinitely.
They have invisibility (3 seconds fade time), magic immunity and 100 HP at all levels.
They do not prevent Neutrals spawning.
Traps have 400/400 vision range.

Detonates the nearest time trap.
Mana:Costs no mana
CD:0.5 sec

Cant get the pictures to stay small, anyone know how to do that?

08-21-2009, 01:00 PM
I'm sorry, but not only is your story shamefully written, it also supports the idea that its right for stupid people to punish others for their mistakes.

Lanaya however gets <3's but there are so many better ways to port her in.

08-21-2009, 01:53 PM
i'd have to agree with the above, all sorts of much love for Lanaya, and i'd love to see her put into HoN, but the story needs a hell of a lot of help, as does the grammar in it. Next i'm completely for Lanaya staying a female because she was bad ass in dota and you can't beat kicking someone elses trash with a chick. So kudos for getting Lanaya brought over, but keep her a girl and fix the story, try something elvish as she can vanish (meld) and avoid 2 attacks with refract

08-22-2009, 05:11 AM
I wrote the stroy quite fast, but it isnt ment to be a lesson that revenge is right..
I mean who rly cares..
Well atleast you got my point that Lanaya needs to be imported to HoN nothing can beat the feeling when you are on low hp and pwn someone ass with her :)
@wheredige: there are no elves in HoN lore, scouts take their place, so mby lanaya could be a female form of scout?