View Full Version : skilled and mature clan in europe?

08-20-2009, 03:05 PM

22 from austria i speak german & english
long time dota player
i know all heroes items, builds, etc
i can ward, lh, deny, orb walk...all that ****

heroes i am good with: potm, wl, krobelus, tc, bat, ench, lion, elecetrician;>, axe, clock, shaker....
generally i am more of a gank/support player

i am looking for a mature (18+ chilled people) and mid-high skilled clan or group of people that play regularly

i altough have to admit i have no real cw experience but i learn quick....and i know this game well:>

so if u are out there just pm me or reply here;)

best regards

i got a good mic, good pc, good inet, good manners:>
i normally play in the evening....