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Picture: Behind the mask we wear from Emeral-Iris on DeviantART
Tristitia a young cute girl was once a member of a beloved travelling circus and well known as the "Dagger Princess". But the impalement art was only the thing that made her popular her real interest were legerdemain pocket picking and entertaining the kids.
Sadly they became one of the first victims of the Hellbourne. It was a massacre as they attack the big top and no one survived except Tristitia. As she walked through the destruction among the bodies of her friends and the Children she just entertained something in her broke. She will never be the same again but the Hellbourne will pay.

Tristitia is dressed like a Jester but only with black and white. Her Face is white with a sad face painted on it. On arms legs and chest are several sheaths for throwing knifes. In her hands she wears two bigger daggers with eye catching guards.

A young calm voice.

Whistling the circus theme song (juggling some daggers)

"That's no joke" (whispering; serious)
"Someone could get hurt" (normal; sad)
"Now that's a prickly point" (loud; with some giggling)
"The dagger is mightier than the feather" (normal; ironic)

"There is no point in that" (gentle; unemotional)
"This won't make me feel better." (Gentle; unemotional)

"This is the end (loud; tragically)... or isn't it" (fading; impishly)?
She stabs her knife in her heart with the other hand on her forehead and turns once around herself.


Tristitia once loved to play act. But now the only use for it is to trick her enemies. She feigns her own death and strikes them with reinforced power.

Cooldown: 25/20/15/10 seconds
Mana Cost: 150/130/110/90
Casttime: 0,5 seconds
Duration: 8 seconds on all levels
- Clears most debuffs (same as Fire Shield from Accursed)
- Turns Tristitia invisible and leaves an illusion which plays the dying animation.
- Heals the damage dealt to her in the past 2/2,5/3/3,5 seconds before activation.
- Damage heals over 5 seconds (20% per second)
- Healing ends if she leaves invisibility by attacking or casting a spell.


Peek-a-boo was one of the favourite games of her young audience and Tristitia was the best. Whenever Tristitia is attacked she plays peek-a-boo with the enemy by avoiding the attack and stabbing his back.

Range: 300/400/500/600 (of the attacker to Tristitia)
Cooldown: 0 seconds (not castable when up)
Mana cost: 60
Aoe: 600
Casttime: instant
Duration: 3 seconds
- Uses a charge to play a round of peek-a-boo.
- One charge is gained every 30/25/20/15 seconds with a maximum of 1/2/3/4 charges.
- negates the damage of one instance if the source is in the aoe
- Disappears for 0,5 seconds from the map and reappears in the back of the enemy
- does an instant attack
- This attack doesn?t affect the attack cooldown
- This attack counts as a normal attack in every other way. This means it can be evaded it can proc crits or other effects.
- This attack can proc Legerdemain
- Only procs from player based damage

When this skill is activated the first source of damage from a hero in the aoe hitting Tristitia will be negated. She then disappears from the map for 0,5 seconds (probably avoiding some more damage by that) and reappears behind this hero doing an instant attack.
After that this skill can instantly used again if there are charges left.
This skill is not controllable you blink to the first source of damage.
In a one on one situation this skill is devastating in a team fight it can be used to confuse the enemy but activated at the wrong time this skill can deny you a kill or get you into serious problems.


Devils Door/ Impalement Art/ Fling
When Tristitia throws a dagger it definitely will hit the spot. Nowadays the spot is no longer next to the target it?s a spot which will hurt.

Cooldown: 0,5 seconds
Casttime: 0,5 seconds
Mana Cost: 50/40/30/20 per dagger
Castrange: 700

- Uses a charge to throw a dagger at target enemy.
- One charge is gained every 8 seconds with a maximum of 1/2/3/4 charges.
- Each dagger does 75 true damage to creeps
- Each dagger does 75 physical damage to heroes
- Each dagger slows the target by 20% for 4 seconds
- The slow stacks the duration gets not refreshed


Once used to entertain Tristita now uses her dexterity to perform apparently impossible attacks.

15/30/45% to get an additional attack
- This is not a critical strike it is an additional attack.
- This attack is instant.
- This attack doesn?t affect the attack cooldown
- This attack counts as a normal attack in every other way. This means it can be evaded it can proc crits or other effects.
- Legerdemain cannot proc on its self

I have no clue how strong this is. Actually it?s a scaling increase attack speed passive.
Your current attack speed is ?increased? by 15/30/45%
If I am right this results in Steam Boots giving you 28,75/32,5/36,25% ias instead of 25%
This is the only hero who can reach more than 400% as (460/520/580)