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05-17-2010, 02:22 AM
*Pre-note, this guide is written for public players. That isn't to say that snippets of what this guide
holds are not excellent foundation for a competitive player, but I do not in any way consider
myself 'pro'. Just please, if you take nothing else from this guide, BUY WARDS AND STOP KSING WITH YOUR ULTIMATE.


Our favourite little sorceress has come a long way. Between the breast reduction and testosterone injections, she has also received a few buffs since the days that I played dota. My favourite hero then and my favourite hero now, she also also has a cool new stick (pew pew). Without further adieu...

Heroes of Newerth Lore
For centuries, the Sacred Order has recognized the "Flame-Touched," those men and women filled with a burning, if more than slightly mad, devotion to Sol. Those Flame-Touched who serve in the Legion are more commonly called Pyromancers for their mastery over fire, and creatures strongly attuned to that element.

Well that's all fine and dandy, but what is a Pyromancer known for? Well, unfortunately, they're known for KSing carries with their massive spike damage ultimate and talking mad dung about how others on their team should be 9-3 like them. But after reading this guide you will not be this Pyromancer. No, you will be the support dps aoe'ing machine you were destined to be. So lets take a look at what you'll begin your journey with.

Damage: 37 - 55
Range: 600
Attack Rate: .068 / Sec

Strength: 18 + (1.5 / Lvl)
Agility: 16 + (1.5 / Lvl)
Intelligence: 24 + (3.2 / Lvl)

Armor: 1.14
Movespeed: 295

So what can we gather from these detailed stat explanations? Well, first and foremost, our pyromancer is an intelligence hero. That means playing with fire is a SMART thing to do. He's not the burliest of men (being a woman originally and all) and he is less than fluid with his somewhat poor agility base and gain. Being geared in skimpy cloth, Pyro boasts a whopping 1.14 armor, and is quite chunky, moving at 295. Overall, the pyromancer has been blessed by the HoN gods with above average stat gain (6.2/lvl) and alright MS/Armor, so let's move on to the lighters and matches that make Pyromancer a... well, Pyromancer!

Phoenix Wave
Pyromancer sends forth a phoenix that damages enemies in a line.

Deals 100/170/230/280 Magic Damage to each target in a line. Applies 'Burning!' if Fervor is learned.

Mana Cost: 90/105/125/140
Cooldown: 9 seconds

*Notes - Well, this is the butter to our bread. Highly spammable large aoe nuke. Easy to aim, easy to use, reliable damage and if needed a last hitter for creeps. Nothing much else to say.

Pyromancer conjures a mighty elemental fire dragon at a target location, damaging and stunning enemies in an area.

Deals 90/150/210/280 Magic damage and stuns each target in the radius for 1.6 seconds. Applied 'Burning!' if Fervor is learned.

Mana Cost: 90/100/110/125
Cooldown: 10 seconds

*Notes - the bread of our skill set! Butter is nice and all but you aren't going to sit there and eat a tub of it unless it's spread on some toast, right? Slightly harder to aim than Pheonix Wave, but much more satisfying when you do. In addition to dealing 280 magic damage, this spell will stun for 1.6 seconds, which seems like an odd number and not all that high, but on such a low cooldown any higher would be slightly broken. The focus of my skill build.

Learning to control the fire within, Pyromancer increases his cast, attack, and movement speed after casting while at the same time catching anything he hits with spells or attacks on fire for a short time

Passively increases cast speed by 10/20/30/40 and when a spell is cast increases movement speed by (w/x/y/z) and attack speed by (w/x/y/z), also applies 'Burning!' to enemies hit by spells or attacks by pyromancer, adding 1/2/3/4 magic damage per second per charge.

*Notes - A skill that effectively makes pyromancer a viable pick in any game, this is one that I was in love with as it was a massive buff to Lina's old self-buff that increased attack speed by 50% for 30 seconds (stats anyone?). Basically, this passively reduces your cast speeds to near nothing, making Dragonfire easier to land and combo'ing with your skills happen in a much shorter time frame. On top of that whenever you cast a spell you gain mad attackspeed and a nice amount of movespeed for (X) seconds. These charges stack, up to a possible 3 (Q W R combo). In ADDITION to that all spells and auto attacks you pelt your enemy with will do 4 damage per second per CHARGE. Charges are infinite as long as you hit consecutively within the (4?) second time window. This means if you spray someone with Dragonfire, Phoenix Wave, and then auto attack them 3 times they will be taking 20 damage per second for the next (4?) seconds. Nifty.

Blazing Strike
Using power granted from Sol, Pyromancer hurls a blazing hot fireball at a target enemy, dealing massive damage

Deals 450 (550)/ 675 (775)/ 950 (1150) magic damage to the target. Applies 'Burning!' if Fervor is learned.

Mana Cost: 280/420/680
Cooldown: 150/90/55

*Notes - Staff of the Master effects in green. This is our one of a kind, super unique ability that only Pyromancers have. We deal MASSIVE damage to a single target. No other hero has this ability. Witch Slayer deals massive magic damage to a target, but he shoots a bullet and it has a cooldown of 60 seconds, so they're not similar at all. Few things on this skill; early game this will be devastating, hence the 150 seconds cooldown. By levels 7-10 you will be able to effectively combo down almost anyone in the game. A key note about the scaling of this ability is not only the damage increase but the cooldown decrease. This is extremely important, also note the hefty price of mana it takes to use.

Skill Build

1 - Dragonfire
2 - Phoenix Wave
3 - Dragonfire / Phoenix Wave
4 - Phoenix Wave / Dragonfire
5 - Dragonfire
6 - Blazing Strike
7 - Dragon Fire
8 - Phoenix Wave
9 - Phoenix Wave
10 - Fervor
11 - Blazing Strike
12 - Fervor
13 - Fervor
14 - Fervor
15 - Stats
16 - Blazing Strike
17+ - Stats

Dragonfire is taken first simply because level 1 AoE stun is invaluable and it deals nearly the same damage as Wave, it also helps land rune first bloods if there are skirmishes. The next two levels is up to preference, if you're being heavily harassed in a lane or are being denied to all hell, I would take level 2 Wave over dragonfire. Otherwise Dragonfire is your number one priority. Why? Because it's your opening skill. In any kind of fight you're using this spell to open so you want it to hit hard. What's the point in using mana to stun and then having to use MORE mana to deal the damage? You can have both in one. Blazing strike is taken at 6 because this is when it's its deadliest. This will destroy heroes at level 6, due to lack of HP and magic armor. Wave is maxed after Dragonfire for obvious reasons (AoE damage ftw) and fervor after that. Once upon a time Lina Inverse would skill stats instead of her 3rd skill, but it's much too good for that now.

Starter Items



Cost - 586

Well first and foremost you're an int and you're a support so you must get either wards or a courier. Coordinate who's going where and delegate the wards as necessary (ie give wards to legion top lane if you're not going, hellbourne bot lane if you're not). Runes and clarities are pretty self-explanatory, some regen to stay in lane, and two minor totems for small stat boost which will be used in power supply.

Core Items

Cost - 4656 + wards/homecoming stones

Wards and homecoming stones are bought for superior map control (wards being easily the most overpowered item in the game) and to save your ass/save allies. I prefer enhanced marchers on Pyro because he needs to move around a lot. He is quite squishy, but he's also very mobile, especially with level 4 Fervor. The damage they add also helps more than you would think when combined with two charges of +attack speed from Fervor. I always get one bracer, to help my hp pool. Power supply because it's just so amazing. Nothing like a free spike heal of 225 HP/MP instantly whenever you want it. Now, I absolutely LOVE tablet of command on pyro. It increases my survivability tenfold, not to mention the infinite amount of uses it has simply by the force push alone. ON TOP OF THAT it offers +6 str +6 agility and +16 intelligence, making it a very good item.

Now my core build focuses on bolstering Pyromancer's base stats, giving him enough HP and mana to belt out a combo or two over a team fight or gank, but also giving him mobility and protection by abusing mobility. He is an item-independant hero, but you do need some base if you aren't going to feed all game. Wards are a must however, if you need to, work something out with another support/semi-carry to help you out with wards when you can't afford it.