View Full Version : Beta was awesome, but I am uninstalling QQ

05-16-2010, 03:50 AM
This is a general nerd rage thread, but I wanted to voice my concerns anyway.

1) Thanks for getting rid of most of the brazilians, and all of the pinoys... that made this game a lot more fun.

2) I understand the logic behind normalizing PSRs to 1500, but the major problem is that you're mixing brackets. I was around 1650-1675 before retail with about 1000 games under my belt. With the launch of retail, my PSR is around 1550, and I'm winning/losing full psr in games with 6-7 idiots. This means that I can't play support, and I have to be careful of games being stacked much more now.

3) Where is the promised league play? I understand that mountains had to be moved to get this thing going, and it really is quite an accomplishment that this game went retail, but without league play, every game is essentially square one, or square two if you're playing with 1-2 friends. You could learn a lot from SC2 in this respect. Even if you virtually cloned their system, I think you would have a tremendous leg up on sustainability.

I feel like every game I've played since retail has been me exploding on some poor noob that doesn't know how to play. It really isn't that person's fault, but it's a real pain in the ass to have to play with so many low skill players. Seeing defiler forego silence in lieu of stats, predator amass tank items with a zephyr on team doing the same thing, a foresaken archer laning and asking for a gank against double hard carry, people being belligerent about courier sharing, or killing my courier if I buy one.... these things make me sad. And none of them were problems in higher rated games.

So my options are, endure this, play only a faceroll carry into the mid 1600s where 1% of the players are right now so I can't fill a game, or just stop playing until there is a high bracket again.

I can't say "I want my money back" because I put about 1000 hours into the beta, and I definitely got my $30 worth. But to say I'm happy with where this game is, I can't. Most of the elements are there, but without competitive play and with these condensed PSRs, retail HoN right now is comparable to playing a game of ice hockey where on both teams a few of the players are retarded or skating in circles, and it's just a pissing contest between the few good players who specifically take advantage of the others glaring deficiencies.

Perhaps it will come in the next few months, but in either case, it's not me it's you... QQQQ:pebb:

05-16-2010, 04:16 AM
I can certainly relate. While I'm by no means an excellent player, it is quite frustrating trying to deal with a mixed bag of professionals, average players and complete idiots.

IMO, its psr that's the problem. It doesn't provide an accurate measure of skill, merely how many games you've lost or won, for which the reason behind could have been anything. From being put in with a group of idiots who fast pick scout, chronos and nighthound as soon as they possibly can, or trying to combat a well thought out team of highly skilled players. It just doesn't work.