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08-17-2009, 04:41 PM
This item is pretty much the same idea as Daemonic Breast Plate, but spell caster style, just like the item someone suggested that is like a spell casters Shield Breaker :D it seemed a good idea to make the same thing as this one:
~5.150 gold
Mystic Vestments - 400 gold
Sustainer - 1750 gold
Neophyte's Book - 1000 gold
[Item Nameīs Recipe] - ~2000 gold


~3 Magic Armor
~3 Magic Armor Aura
~-3 Magic Armor Aura
~3 Hp Regen Aura
~2 Mana Regen Aura
+ 10 Intellect.

I made a lot of estimatives on numbers (~s) because it is really hard to see a balance on all those aura values.. but all I really wanted was to show this idea up.

Things like the intellect may be changed or not but I just wanted to make it look alot like the meele version of it.

I also like this item because I love making some hp and/or mana regen on int heroes on early game but there arenīt many items available for them...

Hope you guys like the idea and help me balance it, any helpful comments very apreciated.
Sorry for any typos or spelling issues, english is not my motherlanguage...

thx to all in advance :)

EDIT: Already fixed some typos =x

08-17-2009, 09:06 PM
up.. =[