View Full Version : US East 1700psr Looking for Team

05-07-2010, 11:13 AM
- Primary language: Engrish!
- Age: 27
- Contact: XReaperX in game, forum PM works too.

- Bio: Well mannered, yet competitive family man looking for a competitive team. I teach martial arts for a living and have a few others hobbies such as gaming and taking my sport bike to the track. I enjoy constructive criticism and am a sponge for new knowledge. I can adapt very easily and, am willing to play whatever you need. I know the game well, and am a solid and consistent player. I do enjoy playing gank heroes the most, however I enjoy solid teamwork more than anything in the world, so because of that, I will play anything and still have fun, and do it well to boot.

- Looking for: I am borderline Mid/High tier player but am looking for a 1800 team. Why? Because I can... My PSR is alone, I don't pub stomp and don't get to play with friends. When I did play with friends a few months ago, I was 1800 easy, but they don't play anymore.

I am looking for a team of slightly better players to show me a few new tricks. A team that understands teamwork and offers constructive advice. I don't get along well with ragers... I'm getting too old for teeny emo attitudes lol.

I don't care if the team plays in tournaments or not... I just want to play HoN with 4 other people who are good at the game and mature.

05-07-2010, 03:09 PM
Hey buddy!iiR is recruiting, link in my sig.See you there