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04-27-2010, 08:42 PM
- Skill level Med-High

- Time zone New Zealand GMT 12+ Am available anytime weekends and almost every night 6pm - Midnight

- Primary language English

- Age 22

- Contact info I am on one of my accounts (Tripwn, Sowerby, GinjaWeasel) most nights. My main account is Tripwn (Prepurchased) but I play on my others often.
Email srs18@students.waikato.ac.nz (srs18@students.waikato.ac.nz) for contact out of game if it seems impossible to talk in game. Message me and we can arrange a time to speak.

- Bio
I have been playing since around September 2009. I had never played Dota before so as you can imagine it was quite a learning curve. I have played a couple of games competitively over the years (WoW, War3, AoE 2).
Im looking for a group that is on often to practice with and get into ladders/tournaments. I had a brief stint in a HoN team that was on a Oceania ladder before it fell over due to lack of interest and players. We played around 5 games (3 wins 2 losses).
To be honest I feel best when im behind a ganker or support, although I feel I can play most rolls. I enjoy the games in Pubs where I have a competent lane mate being a carry with me babysitting. I feel I excel at harass during the laning phase, however I hardly get the opportunity to practice true babysitting due to only playing Pubs at the moment. I admit I go through stages of the rolls in which I like to play, however I do stick almost solely to AR to force myself to practice with heroes im not so familiar with. To date Im really only uncomfortable with half a dozen heros.
I watch a lot of competitive play and am aware of strategy of picks, warding, counter warding and team item selection. I know how to jungle, creep pull, stack and roam.
Currently I feel I have the fundamentals to progress to the next stage of HoN which is competitive play. I believe I need this to keep improving on my skills , for this reason I seek an active clan to scrim with. I am open to joining a large clan which houses IH for practice and has a competitive team or teams made up of their best players who enter leagues and ladders.
Please do not hesitate to contact me.

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04-27-2010, 08:48 PM
We are looking for some people for our clan, though we aren't the best lol.
In our 1st tournament, well 1st for most people in the clan. the TWL 5v5 Bp ladder.

There is a link in my sig to the thread about our clan.
Mainly looking for people who want to get better, who don't rage.
no ragers!.
and we are pretty much all from east coast aus (+10 GMT)

My net is capped atm so I can't play properly but if you message Winstine or just hang out in the clan channel until people show up.
Not a very old clan so more members are always good, I think there is about 20 people or so.

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04-28-2010, 04:52 PM

Thanks for the response I will definately get in contact and we can have a match or two together to see if we can go further. I have a friend who I play with often that I will mention this to. He is pretty much better then me in every way lol but not sure if he keen to get into the competitve side.

Talk soon

04-29-2010, 05:38 PM
Bump .. .. Still looking

05-01-2010, 04:52 AM