View Full Version : reducing turtling

04-24-2010, 02:16 PM
the whole hellbourne and legion base will be lowered by 1 ramp level (to be the same level as mid lane)

the entrances will be the only way to gain vision outside base from inside

replace all cliffs with walls/something that blocks vision

the top and bottom entrances for both bases will now have a big disadvantage from incoming enemy attacks because they will come from higher level (trees/doodads near "cliffs, which are now walls", should still be able to block line of sight from these outside high ground areas). I suggest, the ground where trees/doodads are placed dont get lowered to retain the vision blocking from outside higher ground.

In this setup, the walls only block vision if on the same elevation as base, which is the one directly outside of base and doesnt block the vision from higher elevation like the top and bottom lanes. the trees/doodads does the "blocking the vision from higher elevation".

04-24-2010, 04:49 PM
Im saying No and here is why. Throughout history castles and fortresses were built on hills for this exact reason. To make it hard for enemies to attack them. The defender should always have the home advantage in a fight that way it makes attacking a risk that might have consequences if attempted prematurely.